Haste with guest host Jonathan Tweet: Fancy Dice, Pathfinder Online Tech Demo Kickstarter, 13th Age RPG

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Tonight we’re joined by Jonathan Tweet, one of two lead designers on the upcoming RPG 13th Age. Jon will be answering some questions and telling us a bit about the game later on in the show. In the meantime, you’ve still got 4 days to enter our RPG Stack Exchange contest! Also, don’t forget to nominate worthy folks of our Excellence In Innovation Award!


Fancy Dice / Lucky Dice

There’s a great article up on Stargazer’s world about fancy dice, do we stray away from games with fancy dice? What about ones with odd shapes or pictures on the faces? This also brings up the topic of lucky dice, do you believe in them? Why or why not? Jon and I discuss our love for the d20!


Pathfinder Online Tech Demo Kickstarter

So, Goblinworks (Paizo’s MMO team) has put together a kickstarter for the Pathfinder Online MMO. This kickstarter is to fund a tech demo instead of the actual game itself, which seems a bit strange to some – including myself. Though Paizo is a reputable company and I’m sure all of the dollars toward this project are more than well pledged. Jon and I discuss candidly.


13th Age Role Playing Game

I mini-interview Jon about 13th Age and what it brings to the table, he’s very open and honest about the game and that’s refreshing. We discuss what it’s about, why it’s different, when will we see it and if they really did create it just to compete with 5e D&D aka “D&DNext”. Tune in to find out!


Tip Corner

Our tip tonight isn’t very OP specific but a good one none the less. Need advice on your game? Or have a tough rules question? Try hitting up RPG Stack exchange, while you’re at it you could win our contest and score 75$ worth of whatever gaming stuff you want! Got an OP specific issue, hit up our forums, the community there is amazingly helpful and we appreciate all of their hard work!


Twitter Question

@d20Monkey asks: Who is the most iconic wizard in D&D for you and why?

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