Haste Podcast: Excellence In Innovation Award, Class Design Goals, Monstrous Character Flaws

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Winner for best ‘How I Got Into RPG’s’ contest is Tallyrand with his story of transformation from the uncool jock into the super-cool uber gamer. Here it is:

I was a jock in high school, so needless to say I was teased mercilessly by the ‘cool’ kids in the gaming club. That is until the GM of the local group made a bet that he could get the coolest girl in school (Gary Gygax was her uncle) to ask me out. He taught me the slang, helped me pick out some nerdy tee-shirts, and ran me through drill after drill of dungeon mastering until finally he let me DM The Temple of Elemental Evil the week before prom. When her character was the only one to survive the 1st room she fell for me and asked me right there at the table. I realized then then I was cool all along, I just needed to believe in myself.

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Obsidian Portal Excellence In Innovation Award

We’re looking for those doing cool stuff in the RPG tech space! We want to know who and what is innovating our industry! There are a lot of awards for best art, or best mechanics but we feel tech is kind of left out in the cold. Listen in as we explain how the award works and get to nominating who you think deserves the award!


D&D Next Class Design Goals

There’s been a slew of Legends & Lore articles posted on class design recently, and while they are making very broad statements about what each class’s goals they are very interesting. Great reads on the Rogue, Fighter, and Cleric so far. Do you agree with Micah and I? Perhaps not? Let us know in the comments!


Monstrous Character Flaws

Gnome Stew has a great article up on character flaws. We often focus on just how great and awesome our characters are, but what about their faults? Flaws are what make characters unique and depending on what system you play, may often be an overlooked part of character creation and development. Tune in and theorize with Micah and I and be sure to stop by Gnome Stew to check out the writeup.


Tip Corner

Add your off-the-cuff characters to your Obsidian Portal campaign as you’re playing. Keep your laptop open and just add them right there along with a quick description of who they are and a tag with their location. You’ll be glad you did later on when suddenly that character is the most important one


Twitter Question

@alanhstewart asks: what are good critical hit/fail type tables, products etc… looking for some hilarity.

Listen to find out!

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