For Gamers, By Gamers, an Obsidian Portal Announcement

If you have been following some of Kallak’s more recent update posts, then you might have noticed that something has shifted here at Obsidian Portal. There have been bug fixes, updates to existing functionality, new features, and increased communication in the forums – even beta testing for new features.

If you’re curious what changed, the short version is that I, thaen, somewhat recently bought the Obsidian Portal Business. Definitely feel free to ask any questions about that. I’m more than happy to share the details.  Or read my profile bio if you want to know more about me. But my guess is that what y’all really care about is what that means for OP, which (spoiler alert…) is only good things.

For Gamers, By Gamers

The first thing this means is that OP has come back again to being fully “for gamers, by gamers”. The new About Us page (that Kallak put together for us) has the full team, but basically it’s the people you already know, the fantastic duo Kallak and Jynx001, and now also noma4i and me.

For my part, I’ve been playing TTRPGs for 30 years, and doing software development professionally for 20 years. So working on OP is a childhood dream come true. I’m also not “rich”, so to buy the Obsidian Portal Business, I went “all in”. Which means OP is my full time job and has my full attention.

You might find the “Informal Preamble” to the updated Terms of Service interesting, too.

New Features and Fixes

The second thing this means is that OP will be getting more frequent and continuous updates.

Currently, our main focus is on helping GMs to engage their Players in their Campaigns more. Features that support that goal will get more of the available dev time, but if there is a strong call for a feature that doesn’t fit that goal, we’ll definitely consider implementing it.

If you have feature suggestions, feel free to post them in the Feature Requests sub-forum, and we’ll work on getting them into the queue. We’ve already implemented a couple from there like “Character links in Wiki Pages show Character IMG when hovered over” and “Player’s Journal” (which is still in beta).

Increased Communication

The third thing this means is that we’re actively seeking out your ideas and feedback.

We’re more active in the site forums. We’ve got quick turn around on the support emails and tickets. And we’ve been actively doing outreach via email and PMs to various members to ask for their feedback.

One of the outreach responses is what prompted the new “Private Character” feature.

If you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions, we’d love to hear them. You can email [email protected], which we all keep an eye on, or you can hit me (or any of us) up directly with a PM, or pull me into a discussion in the forums. We’re open to hearing anything you want to share, however you want to share it, including criticisms.  If we don’t know the problems, we can’t fix them.

Lastly, I just want to say, I’m really happy to have joined this team and this community, and to be able to support them and grow them, and the TTRPG hobby in general.


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