Forum Updates: Subforums and Stickies

Over the past week we’ve quietly launched two new forum features: Subforums and Stickies. You can probably guess what they do, but here’s a quick rundown anyway:


Up until now, there was no way to organize your forum topics into groups. With the new subforums, you can group topics together into subforums, which can also contain other subforums. It’s pretty standard organization stuff.


The default ordering for forum threads is by last update. The most recently updated one sits on top, and the others are pushed down from there. Now, if you mark a topic as sticky, it jumps to the top and stays there until you un-sticky it. Again, pretty standard stuff.

What next?

This completes a short iteration of forum features that I’ve been wanting to add for a while. The forums still aren’t done, nor will they ever be, but there are a ton of other features and bugs that need attention. But, this is a great time to get feedback: What else does the forum need to make your game better? I’ve got a few ideas, but I’m always open to your thoughts.

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