Haste! On Adventure Writing Hacks, Signature Monsters, and Depression

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Chatty’s Adventure Writing Hacks

Over on Critical Hits, we explore Phil’s idea of constructing adventures on the fly from a series of note cards, it sounds great, but would it work for you? A nice low-tech solution for jotting down thoughts as they come to you. What do you guys think?

Signature Monsters

As part of Troy’s Crock Pot over on Gnome Stew we visit the idea of using signature monsters/bad guys in your game. This is a really great way of driving home a centralized idea and making things memorable for you and your players. Have you used a “signature” monster in campiagn of yours before? If so, how did it work out?

Roleplaying and Depression

On a more serious note, we discuss depression among gamers as written about over on Stargazer’s World. With the recent loss of Robin Williams it has been on a lot of community members and bloggers minds. It’s a real thing and a lot of people feel it needs to be discussed more. We’re not experts in this area by any means, and would appreciate any feedback you guys might have.


@Jbeeh asks: in your fantasy games do you feel magic items, even basic ones, need to have a price for the power that they grant?

Tune in to find out! 

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