Haste! Criminals Card Game, Blasphemous Cocktails, Old Gamer Segregation, and Evil PCs

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None this week, on with the show!


“Criminals” (Psychological Party Game)

There’s a fun new reprinting of Criminals, originally released in 2007 from the guys at Critcal Hits Studios. The game sounds like a lot of fun, the rules are free and you can get the cards for it printed up via DriveThruCards, which is another cool new thing that we didn’t know about. This topic is a double whammy!

Blasphemous Cocktails

A collection of drink recipes with a Cthulu-oriented twist, what a great idea! Some are classic drinks with a twist and a rename, but many of them are completely original. Rules for drinking during your games are included as well. Would be great for game night or even just a themed party. This Kickstarter has a little bit of time left on it so be sure to jump in if you get a chance. The PDF copy of the book is just 5$, and the print one is only $15.

Older Gamers Wanting To Segregate Themselves (via Reddit)

A reddit thread sparked some great conversation while setting up to record so we decided to make it a topic. Old gamers feeling out of place and debating creating older gamer communities, does this sound like a good idea? We discuss, but we want your opinion too.

Tip Corner

Tip: Don’t deliver your cool dramatic dialog in your own madeup language. It will NOT go as great as you think!

Twitter Poll

@raislin_87 (Jason B) asks: Should evil PCs always be off the table? When might they be allowed? Can they be played well in traditional fantasy?

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