Haste! Criminals Card Game, Blasphemous Cocktails, Old Gamer Segregation, and Evil PCs

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None this week, on with the show!


“Criminals” (Psychological Party Game)

There’s a fun new reprinting of Criminals, originally released in 2007 from the guys at Critcal Hits Studios. The game sounds like a lot of fun, the rules are free and you can get the cards for it printed up via DriveThruCards, which is another cool new thing that we didn’t know about. This topic is a double whammy!

Blasphemous Cocktails

A collection of drink recipes with a Cthulu-oriented twist, what a great idea! Some are classic drinks with a twist and a rename, but many of them are completely original. Rules for drinking during your games are included as well. Would be great for game night or even just a themed party. This Kickstarter has a little bit of time left on it so be sure to jump in if you get a chance. The PDF copy of the book is just 5$, and the print one is only $15.

Older Gamers Wanting To Segregate Themselves (via Reddit)

A reddit thread sparked some great conversation while setting up to record so we decided to make it a topic. Old gamers feeling out of place and debating creating older gamer communities, does this sound like a good idea? We discuss, but we want your opinion too.

Tip Corner

Tip: Don’t deliver your cool dramatic dialog in your own madeup language. It will NOT go as great as you think!

Twitter Poll

@raislin_87 (Jason B) asks: Should evil PCs always be off the table? When might they be allowed? Can they be played well in traditional fantasy?

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  1. Thanks again for the Podcast!

    I agree with most of the reservations regarding evil characters in the game. I will say that we once played an evil campaign where all of the characters were Lawful Evil and it worked out quite well. It was a welcome change after years of playing good parties in the same campaign world, but in the end we got a bit bored of burning, stealing, raping, killing and torturing and went back to normal.

    In the games we play nowadays, some players do still take Evil characters but generally we have an understanding of the importance of the party bond, and generally, with that in mind it works out fine. I think as long as characters are not hurting each other and stealing from each other, most things are acceptable; although I do have a couple of vivid memories of things not going to well in groups consisting of Good Cleric and Paladin trying to work together with the two chaotic evil brothers.

    I guess in such situations, there is always the potential for unsavoury game development. Even if the players of opposing “alignments” are not clashing against each other directly, problems often arise with the treatment of prisoners, the holding of promises, etc. After a few too many of these incidents, one can usually sense resentment building up in the background and it generally will have some sort of negative influence on the game if not kept very well controlled.

    The other thing I say to my players is that being evil doesn’t mean one has to BE EVIL ALL THE TIME. It certainly doesn’t mean one would destroy the trust of one’s peers, built up over time, by being STUPID for the sake of trying to be evil. It is usually in the interests of each person in the party to keep each other alive and working together, and as long as THAT happens, then any alignment can be played.

    • Definitely sounds like it would work with the right people. I think your last paragraph is quote worthy. Thanks for listening to the show!

  2. I agree with Twiggy- you do not have to be Evil all the time! One of my groups has started playing a game where we most of us are vampires (not shiny ones!) and we are working together.
    As long as you agree to work together as a group, an evil game is a great change of pace!

  3. Concerning your Reddit comments: I am glad that you said that. I game in a community where I am not only one of the only women in my group, but I am one of the youngest in my group. If I had been surrounded by people who were older and segregated, I would totally be missing out. One of the things I hate though, is when the older gamers in my group go “I remember when this was that.”.. We’re living in the now people. Let’s talk about some new cool stuff.