Haste! Using Taxes In Your Campaign, Games Workshop Trademark Bullying, More Fancy DnD Reprints & More!

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Be sure to check out the awesome L5R Campaign Changing History for February’s Campaign of the Month!


Using Taxes In Your Campaign

There’s a great piece up over at Kobold Quarterly about using Taxes in your game. It even includes a d10 chart of names to help you randomize the name of some taxes in your game, it’s fun stuff. Micah and I discuss the awesome possibilities herein.

WotC Reprints Unearthed Arcana, More

Recently unveiled, a special edition version of Unearthed Arcana with gilded pages and a fancy bookmark ala their previous 1e reprints. Also they’re announcing a “Dungeons of Dread” book along the same physical printing style that will include some of the deathtrap dungeons of yore. I’m excited, Micah is a bit reluctant, how about you?

Games Workshop Trademark Bullying

Buzz around the internet about Games Workshop last week bullying a small press author and having Amazon take thier book down from being sold on their website. The book, titled “Spot the Space Marine” was said to be infringing on their trademark of the term “Space Marine”. Since this podcast was recorded, the EFF has stepped in and helped the book get put back up for sale on Amazon.

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