Haste – Episode 17 with Momanatrix: Monte Cook rejoins WotC, White Wolf’s Grand Masquerade and Defending Fairies

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Tonight I’m joined by the lovely Angela LeNeave aka @Momanatrix on twitter, full-time D&D-Mom and part-time blogger who will be discussing a recent article of hers which stirred up some great discussion amidst the D&D/RPG community. Also, we’ve just wrapped up our contests for September, but stay tuned to the blog for more to come early next month!


Monte Cook Rejoins WotC

Famous game designer Monte Cook has rejoined Wizards of the Coast as a member of their R&D team for Dungeons and Dragons and the news has been causing quite a stir. There are some interesting notions being discussed as to what this may mean for the future of the game, and much like everything else in the RPG community – the topic seems rather polarizing. Have a listen as we do a little theorycrafting of our own.

The Grand Masquerade

White Wolf’s Grand Masquerade has taken place recently and the coverage coming back from the event is pretty great. Lots of new products are on the horizon for white wolf, they talk candidly about publishing and divulge some very cool tidbits about the upcoming World of Darkness MMO. Angela and I take our handful of years playing MMO’s into consideration as we discuss what a massively multiplayer world of darkness may be like.

Player Choice

I think there are quite a few folks who are with me when it comes to my ideas on how wotc goes about picking playable races for D&D, but there are just as many who disagree. One being @momanatrix with her recent article entitled “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Be A Fairy Damnit!” We discuss player choice, bias, and analysis paralysis that plays into the mire of options for 4e D&D

Tip Corner

Did you that you can organize your campaign forums into sub categories to better organize your game? You can also sticky forum posts so they stay at the top of the thread list, give it a try!

Twitter Question

@EdenSky asks: What are some ideas on how to manage gear at the table?

Listen to find out!

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