Haste – Episode 6: Beyond The Stat Block, Freelancing 101, The Death of Fourthcore

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The campaign calendar has gotten some updates, including a much smoother creating and editing process as well as improved notifications and updates. It also has been tweaked for better web calendar integration and more. Micah gives us the low down!


Beyond The Stat Block

We discuss a community effort to put a splash of flavor into 4e D&D’s otherwise very mechanical monster stat blocks. A website called “Beyond The Stat Block” is attempting to change all of that by crowdsourcing flavor text for monster abilities. Is it going to work out? Listen up and check it out.

Crapping On Your Freelance Writing Dreams

Recently Robert Schwalb (Freelancer to WotC, Green Ronin, many others) basically laid out his personal experiences in the freelancing industry entitled “Crapping On Your Dream: Freelancing 101” with a very sobering stance on what it is like from the inside. We discuss in-depth.

The Death of Fourthcore

Something very near and dear to me (Jerry) has come to an end, Micah allows me to lament and further explain the expiration of the Fourthcore D&D movement. Please also see the original post detailing its demise as well as the follow up, which provides a much more in-depth explanation as well as an announcement for the future of the genre, it’s fans and contributors. If you’re not sure what fourthcore was, enlighten yourself!

Twitter Question

@Raddu76 asks “How do you manage combat? Online tools like power2ool or incombat4e?” Listen to find out!

That’s a Wrap!

We hope you’re enjoying the podcast so far. You can now add Haste to your feed via Feedburner for maximum ease, and also don’t forget to rate us on iTunes. Enjoy!

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