Campaign Calendar updates

We’ve listened to your feedback regarding the campaign calendars and now we’ve rolled out a handful of new features and improvements.

Nicer creation/editing

Creating and editing an event was kind of cumbersome, especially with regards to setting a time and date. So, we replaced the ugly dropdown boxes with a slick popup calendar and time picker.

Notification/RSVP Tweaks

We’ve also modified event editing to make it easier to update players in case of an event change. You can now choose to send an immediate update notification after editing an event, plus you can un-RSVP anyone who has already responded. That way, if an event changes time or location, you can easily let everyone know and get them to re-respond.

iCal/Webcal subscription

Want to follow your campaign calendar in iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, or another calendaring application? Well now you can. Just click the subscribe button and import the webcal URL into whatever calendaring app you use.

Ascend Today

Remember, the calendar is an Ascendant only feature. If you want to be sure your players are up to date and show up on time, then Ascend today!

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