Haste! Memorial Day In-Game, Player Expectations, Numenera, and More!

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The reforging beta forums are open! If you were a Tinkerer Ascendant backer or higher, be sure to get in there and get some discussions going.


WarMemorial Day In Your Game

We discuss what Memorial Day means in your game, opportunities for adventures hooks, morally gray conundrums, and goblin barbecue!

Player Expectations

What should players really be responsible for? Honestly, what is the bare minimum to expect from people? Micah and I discuss this article from Gnome Stew and throw our tow cents in.

Numenera Pre-Order

We talk about the Numenera pre-order over at DTRPG, which is actually 1c cheaper than the KS backers got it for. Is this fair? Talk to us!

Tip Corner

Speaking of player responsibility, if players have a thing that they excel at or enjoy doing (keeping notes, making maps, etc.) don’t force them into some rotational schedule, just let them do it every game. No need to micromanage.

Twitter Poll

@Mudbunny74 asks: What us the best way to run a lunchtime (45 minutes per session) campaign?

Listen to find out!

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