Haste Podcast: ‘Real’ D&D Year In Review, Pathfinder Comic, Skill Challenges Presentation.

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Check out the newest Campaign of the Month and first one of 2012, Star Trek Late Night! Also, we’ve got a winner for December and a new caption for the new year, ready for you guys to start cracking wise upon this month. Go forth and jest, fellow portallers!

The Real Year In Review of D&D

A piece published on critical hits serves to do its own justice of summing up D&D as a counter to the recent escapist pieces we covered last episode on D&D’s past, present & future. While the article doesn’t directly counter any statements made, it does give another (good) perspective on the state of the game. Ryan Dancey also wrote a small novella on the subject as a follow up, over at ENworld.

Pathfinder Comic Book

Paizo has announced that there will be a Pathfinder comic book coming in 2012. They are working with dynamite entertainment to produce the comic, adding yet another Pathfinder goodie to the list of schwag they have recently been kicking out!

Skill Challenges, Ignore them or Simplify Them

Rob Schwalb, D&D freelancer and author of many, many books recently wrote a few pieces on skill challenges and how to handle them, or to simply ignore them. Some great insight is provided here, Micah and I discuss thoroughly.

Tip Corner

Use the calendar and make events and collect RSVPs, but don’t stop there. On the day of the game, hit everyone up with a text message, email, call, facebook message, whatever. Just make sure to get some kind of final confirmation that they will be there!

Twitter Question

Justin Mason (via Facebook) asks: What are your thoughts on ambient music during gaming?

Listen to find out!

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