Haste (Video) Podcast: Live From DDXP!

[Episode 32]


None today other than yelling at you all to hit up the d20Monkey caption contest! I’m joined by Matt Dukes (@DireFlail) and Tracy (@Rolling20s) and we’re getting straight to business here!

An Edition for All Editions

We explore the first seminar that talks about the 3 pillars of D&D: Combat, Exploration, and Roleplaying. We also talk about what this upcoming edition means in terms of modularity and where exactly it is in terms of completion. Hint: Pre-Alpha

Class Design 

Baseline complexity, Vancian magic, modularity and a ton of other elements were discussed during this seminar. We all discuss, be sure to check out our video of this seminar if you get a chance.

Future D&D Products

The future products seminar was full of goodies for all walks of D&D fans it seems, we talk about the upcoming board game Lords of Waterdeep (pic), Ed Greenwood’s Forgotten Realms, Dungeon Command, and more. Be sure to check the video of the product seminar for all the nitty gritty!

But Wait, There’s More!

After our recording there was still one more seminar to go: Reimagining Skills & Ability Scores for D&DNExt. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t yet. Not only was it the best recording of the bunch, but some of the most stimulating of the bunch regarding game design.

Hope you enjoyed all of our DDXP coverage and our very D&D specific, exclusive podcast straight from the convention. Next week we’re back to our regularly scheduled non-D&D saturated audio-only podcast. See you then!

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