Haste! w/ guest host(s) Exploding Rogue Studios!

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Tonight, we’re joined by Brian Patterson and Tracy Barnett of the newly formed Exploding Rogue Studios! Tune in as we talk about Karthun, and lots more. Be sure to hit up their website for all the details on stalking them online!

Also, don’t forget that our friends over at Roll20 are hiring. Beyond that, let’s get on with the show!


Karthun KickstarterKarthun Campaign Setting

Brian Patterson, creator of the d20Monkey comic is running a Kickstarter to fund fully fleshing out his awesome world of Karthun alongside Tracy as one of the first major projects for Exploding Rogue, tune in as we chat about the setting, the Kickstarter, and lots more good stuff about their current and upcoming projects.

WizKids to “Take Over” D&D Board Games

We talk about the recent ICv2 article that stirred up the internet about the D&D board games and we also speculate on the marvelous possibilities of said mystery board game(s) coming down the pipe from WotC.

Why You Also Need To Be A Player

More top notch stuff from Gnome Stew as always, in an article regarding just exactly how important it is to visit both sides of the GM screen. We talk at length about the positive benefits of walking a mile in each others gaming shoes.


GMs – Be sure to take the player seat every now and then, and players, be sure to sit behind that big bad screen every so often. It will only improve your games!


@DeuceDM asks: Have you ever incorporated TCGs/boardgames into an #rpg session?

Tune in to find out! 

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