Haste! w/ Guest host Steve Hammond of Lost Papyrus

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Tonight, we’re joined by Steve Hammond of the Lost Papyrus website and we’re talking to him about his awesome tools for Obsidian Portal and more. No other announcements this episode, but we’ll have some soon! Now, on with the show.


Lost Tools

We talk to Steve about how Lost Papyrus and the tools therein got started, how you can use them to better your game, and a lot more. It’s a really great site, you should all give it a look!

Dealing With Player Hiatuses

Recently on Reddit there was some good discussion about how to handle players leaving either for short periods or longer. Steve and I discuss ways to handle this in your own games, but most importantly we’d like to hear from our listeners about how you guys handle this kind of stuff!

Target Mapping w/ Monster Manual

A really brilliant post by GeekyLyndsay over on Critical Hits recently made some waves across the twitter pond with some great ideas on world building with the Monster Manual. You should check it out, listen to Steve and I discuss, and then give us your feedback. Maybe even tell us what cool things you can/will do with something like this


Use Lost Tools to get the most out of your Obsidian Portal campaign!


@MikeyGeek via twitter asks: If you had time to choose and run a new game, which one would it be and why?

Tune in to find out! 

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