Haste with d20 Burlesque: Announcements, Burlesque, and Female Friendly Gaming.

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Tonight we’re joined by Anja and ZP Keister of d20Burlesque! Also, Micah and I are still kicking around ideas for our “Sipstarter” fundraiser and we’d love to get some more feedback from our listeners so be sure to listen to our last episode for details on what we’d like to do and let us know what you think would be some good rewards for those who pitch in. Lastly, we’re going to be headed to Winter Fantasy this January to cover the convention, check out the blog post for the details and stay tuned for more!

Also d20Monkey has a Kickstarter going on for his comic, be sure to check it out!


d20 Burlesque

We interview Anja and ZP about their burlesque show and inquire about the sheer nerdyness of the whole endeavor. What is burlesque, who should and shouldn’t come to their shows, and what to expect while there. Tune in as we chit chat about the art of geeky strip tease.

Female Friendly Gaming

We continue talking to Anja and ZP about aspects of female gaming, gaming communities and more.

Tip Corner

It’s great to have the main page of your campaign decked out for the whole world to see, but is that what your players really need? Try updating the main page of your wiki with an image or excerpt from your most recent session to immediately jog their memories and get them excited about picking back up next time. Maybe even bait them with some sort of cryptic hint or clue.

Twitter Poll

@ForbesTay asks: “The pace of the Dark Heresy game I’m in is brain numbingly slow. How do I inform the GM without sounding like a jerk?”

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