Obsidian Portal to Sponsor Winter Fantasy Convention

More Than Just D&D

Formerly known as DDXP, this year’s convention in Ft. Wayne Indiana will take on an exciting new shape known as Winter Fantasy. While the name and concept of Winter Fantasy isn’t exactly new, the show is going back to its roots and focusing on more things than just Dungeons & Dragons.

The expansions to the show this year include are exciting and we’ll be sure to let you know as all the details develop. So far they include:

  • Pathfinder Society – featuring special events for the show written by Paizo
  • Magic: The Gathering – Tournaments and casual play
  • Board Games – The entire GenCon Board Games Library will be available for a total of over 800 board games to check out.
  • Special Guests – folks from Paizo, Wizards of the Coast and possibly others will be in attendance to meet and talk with.
  • Seminars – Topics are pending but there will be panels and more!

So What’s OP Got To Do With It?

We’re proud to be sponsoring Winter Fantasy this year so you might just see our banner hanging around the convention hall, and Jerry will be there covering what’s going on. We’ll be recording seminars, taking pictures, getting some interviews, doing a video episode of Haste and hopefully a lot more. We feel that Winter Fantasy has a lot in common with Obsidian Portal because we too cover such a wide array of tabletop gaming and don’t strictly focus on a single game, and so do they!

Onward, To Fantasy!

The show will be taking place from January 24-27th at the Grand Wayne convention center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You can stay posted by hitting up the Baldman Games website as well as by following Winter Fantasy on twitter (@WinterFantasy) for updates and expect their newly revamped website for all the show details in the very near future.

We’re looking forward to hopefully meeting some OP users and making some new ones while at the show. We’ll be keeping you updated leading up to the show and all throughout, so be sure to stay posted right here for details and info!

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