Haste with Wolfgang Baur: Midgard, Disastrous Game Nights, and NaGaDeMon advice!

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Tonight we’re joined by Wolfgang Baur, a man with so many titles it would be unfair to only call him by one (which is exactly what I did in the intro, shame on me) to talk about Kobold Press’s new campaign setting: Midgard! Also, the Roleplayers Chronicle has a great hurricane relief bundle package going on, it ends on the 10th though so if you want to help out you better do it quickly!


Midgard Campaign Setting

We talked about Midgard a little last week, but this week we have Wolfgang Baur himself in the house and we talk about all things Midgard including why you might want to play in Midgard instead of say… Golarion, or the Forgotten Realms. That’s right folks, we went there! (Really, Micah did so blame him).

Also here’s the link to that preview up on Kobold Quartery (as well another preview at DriveThruRPG) so you can check out some of the great flavor Midgard has to offer for free!

The Pepperoni if the Damned

Last week Matt Dukes from Critical Hits was talking about a gaming night gone all wrong, we discuss these situations each on a personal level. We talk about backup plans and lots more, there are good ideas to be scraped from this discussion so listen up!

Tip Corner

We’re all gamers, and most of us have a huge long list of games we want to try and run but we often only have time for one or two. To break up monotony of your campaign ask your players if they’d like to run a one shot of a new system every X number of sessions just to keep things fresh. Variety is the spice of life after all!

Twitter Poll

I’m stealing Wolfgang for a game design question as part of an ongoing series on Obsidian Portal’s blog that I’m starting for NaGaDeMon: “If you were designing a game where character death might occur at a regular rate, is there anything you’d do with character creation, combat, or otherwise that would ensure the game could remain fun?”

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