Haste Podcast: Lords of Waterdeep, Dysfunctional D&D, Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition

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The d20Monkey caption contest demands you to pour some sugar on it this week, as do Micah and I demand you tell us outrageous lies!

Lords of Waterdeep

The newest D&D board game being offered by WotC is a departure from their previous dungeon crawl and territory domination style games. Lords of Waterdeep is a euro style game for 2-5 players and it is dead simple, quick to play, a lot of fun and the cheapest of all the D&D board games. Micah and I discuss! Be sure to check out my review & unboxing of the game too!

Dysfunctional and Co-Dependency 

Steve Winter has written a really great piece over on his blog The Howling Tower about big name games like D&D and the caveats that come along with them. Steve discusses the nature of the game itself and touches on some really good topics, you should read his blog on the regular! Micah and I discuss the cyclic nature of the game and more!

Baldur’s Gate “Enhanced Edition” Announced

After much teasing and toying the Baldur’s Gate website has finally revealed that an “enhanced” edition of Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2 will be released this summer. Updated graphics and UI, new content from the original creators for the game but beyond that we don’t know much. Listen in as I insult the very fabric of Micah’s geek credibility!

Tip Corner

Keep a loot log for your sessions. Players often forget the stuff they looted, assign someone to keep a log of all items looted during your sessions and it should avoid confusions and argument later on down the road. Maybe toss them some kind of benny for keeping track too!

Twitter Question

@JssSandals asks: What don’t you want to see in DnDNext?

Listen to find out!

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