More Backgrounds Have Arrived!

Fresh Backgrounds For You!

You remember a few weeks ago when we rolled out some new backgrounds for you guys? Well guess what, there’s more where that came from! Remember each background also comes with a complimentary color scheme for you campaign so that you can just pick it and go to town. Let’s discuss this week’s batch!

New backgrounds to soothe your eyeballs!

Spaceport (Free)

Great for Sci-Fi campaigns, rogue trader, and lots of others. We wanted a solid offering for those running Sci-Fi games out there to plug in and go for free. Enjoy!

Fairy Woods (Premium)

A little moody, but not exactly spooky, this enchanting forest backdrop should suit quite a few games that involve frolicking through the wilderness.

Bonewall (Premium)

A bold and colorful background of bones, what more could you ask for? You’ll see some color variations of this one down the line as well. Get your lich on!

Ruined City Sunrise (Premium)

Not all ruined cities have to be so bleak, this one has sunshine! Sunshine and rubble, but hey, sunshine! On a more serious note, this background looks great alongside a wide content campaign, we hope you like it as much as we do!

More To Come!

Be sure to keep checking in with us as we continue to build up an awesome library of images for everyone to use. Until next time, game excellently with one another!

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