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Fresh Backgrounds For You!

A while back you may recall that we were looking to hire a background designer, and we are happy to announce that that role has been filled! Today we are rolling some out as we speak! You should see more backgrounds as time goes on on a pretty regular basis, each time I’ll give you guys an update here on the blog talking about each one a little bit. Remember that each background also comes with a complimentary color scheme for you campaign so that you can just plug it in and go get back to the important stuff!

New backgrounds to soothe your eyeballs!Anyway, let’s discuss the ones that are fresh this week!

Haunted Woods (Free)

Because you can never have too many “creepy wilderness” options to go along with the feel of your campaign. Even if you only change the wallpaper for a session or two to coincide with the group’s location we feel this one was a really great pick.

Apocalytpic City (Ascendant)

A great new free background for use in all of your desolate future scenarios. Zombies? Evil empire? Dystopia? We’re certain you’ll all put this one to good use!

Lightning Road (Ascendant)

Modern games, maybe even a “4 horseman” style apocalypse scenario come to mind here. Either that or… y’know it’s just your typical road with some intense lightning going on. Maybe a cool backdrop for a campaign focused around a biker gang or other similar group of road warriors.

Coffin Shop (Ascendant)

This one may be the most niche background we have so far, however I think it works well in a lot of scenarios. steampunk, victorian, zombie, even a modern setting that has a focus on a creepy old shop. Go wild!

More To Come!

Be sure to keep checking in with us as we continue to build up an awesome library of images for everyone to use. Everyone have a great weekend, and remember to game excellently with one another!

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