Haste! New D&D Info, PC Death Alternatives, and those damned ELVES!

[powerpress] | Episode 113|


No announcements this show, we’re jumping right into the fray of 5e, dead characters, and hating elves. Tune in now!

Topics dmgD&D 5e Information Round Up!

Jerry has put together a post on his blog he’s regularly updating with all that you need to know about the upcoming D&D releases. Jerry and Micah discuss in depth and talk a lot about the free Basic D&D PDF.

Character Death Provides Opportunity

We take a page out of ChatyDM’s book after reading part of his article over on Critical Hits about characters dying to the Lich King. What other ways can we make death more dynamic and interesting in our games?

Those Damned Elves!

Micah and I discuss trump card races/classes/groups in tabletop RPGs. Why do the PCs even need to exist if the elves/jedi’s/etc. can always just run in and save the day? Possibly also a bit of a rant about the barrel riding scene in the latest Hobbit film. Give us your thoughts!


Per Reddit: Testing out a new system with your group? Use pregens instead of going through character creation, save that for after you’re invested in the system.


@DM_Nel asks: How long do you think this edition of D&D will last, given the 3.0, 3.5, 4e & essentials trend?

Tune in to find out! 

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