Haste! D&D Starter Box and Organized Play, and Countdowns In Your Game.

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Congrats to our final Birthday Contest winner Lyle, with The Golden Dawn, also check out the Elicpse Phase bundle of holding!

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D&D 5e Starter Box Details!

Thanks to WotC, we recently learned about the adventure inside of the starter box for D&D. What do you guys think of it? Let us know!

Using Countdown Mechanics

Have you ever used a coutndown (or up) timer in your game? It can serve a lot of purposes, tune in as we discuss how to get thinking about using them during your encounters.

D&D 5e Organized Play

Sounds like WotC has some pretty cool stuff in store for players who take part in D&D organized play this year. From epic mega-battles, to persistent stats and certificates for your characters in one big ongoing story. All the details are here.


@KiloGex asks: How would you run an assassination mission in D&D/Pathfinder? 4E-esque skills challenge, more narrative, or other?

Tune in to find out! 

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