New Backgrounds for July

Fresh Backgrounds For You!

More backgrounds are here! Each with a complimentary color scheme for you campaign so that you can just click and go. Let’s discuss this week’s batch!

New backgrounds to soothe your eyeballs!

Rusted Metal (Free)

This background is perfect for an Iron Kingdoms game, among many other metal and steam inspired worlds. The rust would also work well for apocalypse scenarios and forgotten space bases or underground labs.

Wilderness Bear (Premium)

Definitely a great background for a western or a survival style campaign, maybe someone is running The Great Outdoors as an RPG? Take this one and go wild! *cymbal clash*

City From Above (Premium)

This looks like Gotham to us, doesn’t it to you? Great backdrop for a supers/batman campaign, modern, cyberpunk, you name it!

Sci-Fi Stealth (Premium)

Han Solo would be proud of this one, use it for all of your spaceport skullduggery and smuggler laden starships. Would also work well for quite a few other games and genres.

More To Come!

Be sure to keep checking in with us as we continue to build up an awesome library of images for everyone to use. Until next time, game excellently with one another!

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