Tact-Tiles Return, Breaking D&D is Bad, and is Ragequitting Okay?

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Congrats to our Fool contest winner, we had to pick 4 instead of 3 because it was so hard to decide! Our winning NPCs are Roger Larrabee (telepath), Barkley (fey guardian), Craig the Battle Droid (butler artillery), and Terrence McGoven (awkward helicopter pilot).

Additionally, we’ve got a brand new d20Monkey Caption Contest up, also be sure to check out Brian’s new “Whining Is Coming” edition war T-shirt design.

Lastly, if you consider yourself a D&D history junkie be sure to read Ambush At Sheridan Springs – a story about how Gary Gygax lost D&D.


photo-mainTact-Tiles Are Back!

Modular dry erase boards, great for numerous reasons, and pretty much far better than a roll up dry erase mat. However, they are expensive…it’s up to you whether you’re wanting to throw down the cash to pick some up, but their Kickstarter is live and still needs funding, check them out!

D&D Breaking Is Bad

Another great article from Shawn Merwin over on Critical Hits is up, and this time he’s talking about how Breaking D&D is bad, for D&D. It sounds redundant but it’s a pretty simple idea. We need to stop breaking our games in efforts of min/maxing and cheating the system, it’s just bad for the hobby. Controversial? Maybe, but we just think it’s a great read.

Ragequitting Players

A reddit tale of a Ragequitting C0C player has brought us to discuss all things rage-quitt-ey. Is it okay to ragequit? If so, when? In this particular instance, what could the DM and the Player have done differently to have avoided the situation? We may not know all of the facts, but we’re here to speculate and discuss!


@Bartoneus asks: (Video) Game Design question: What is the point of having “magic” items require identification/decoding?

Tune in to find out! 

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