Obsidian Portal Campaign of the Month January 2020 – Witiko Falls: Disillusion

I know you can feel it; that sensation at the edge of your mind. That strange sort of inkling that seems to gnaw slowly at your sense of safety; your sanity. I’d tell you that it will pass; that you’ll acclimate to this place and it will fade… But it won’t, you won’t. You’ve come to a place that isn’t like others you’re used to; you’ve come to Witiko Falls: Disillusion – January’s Campaign of the Month! This creepy World of Darkness campaign is brought to you from the mind of Parasomniac. Enjoy!


Typically, this is where we would break into our interview with Parasomniac, however, due to an issue beyond our control (and publication schedule) we do not have the completed interview questionnaire at this time. Nonetheless, we invite you to explore the eldritch horror that clings to this small settlement in Bonner County, Idaho. Read through the archaic fonts, experience the cool Gothic feel in an occult land of vampires, werewolves and monsters in this World of Darkness campaign.

“The shadows aren’t empty. They’re pregnant, fecund and hungry. They’re watching you. Waiting. Biding their time. Licking their lips.”


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