OP Tech Status – Aug 28 Update

As promised I am here to drop in a line about the current status of what is happening at OP (specifically in regards to the technical stuff we need to address).  I had a meeting with Andrew and Tech to discuss this in a little more detail, and here is what I have for you right now:



There have been some issues going on with the build environment (which affects all users on a system-wide level) that have caused delays in being able to kick out fixes or updates. Some of the minor bugs that have been reported are likely linked to this, so we are prioritizing this and some of the minor issues might be resolved when this is fixed.

*** Note that this needs to be resolved before we can take care of some of the other bugs.

Tech has been diligently working on these problems so we can get things moving again around here.

Status: In Testing, will update when resolved.



Speaking of new content, I have some news about the as of yet to be delivered stretch goals from the Kickstarter.  We have all been patiently awaiting the release of the updated File Locker and the Natural Editing.  Tech let me know that these are actually all set to go as soon as we can push an update.  So, once those technical issues I mentioned above are cleared we should be seeing these items get rolled out to the site.  On a personal note, I think I am most excited about the natural editing, but that might just be me.

Status: Completed, awaiting resolution of technical issues above.



Talking about issues and fixes, I do want to report that the team has been cracking away at a number of issues (beyond the ones that I brought them in our meeting).  I don’t have a full listing at the moment of all the ones they expect to be released in our next update, but I will try to see if they can kick me over those details so I can give you a clearer assessment of what is already in the pipeline.  As for the things I kicked into the pipeline we have the following:



Right now the emails coming from OP notifications seem to be pretty hit or miss.  There is a lot of stuff falling through the cracks, and for some folks it seems like pretty much everything is.  As this extremely hinders your ability to effectively use your campaign pages I wanted to ensure this one was kicked in as soon as possible so we can get those systems working as expected for all of you.  The plan for now is to get a working patch in place to get the emails flowing again, but since there have been things outstanding with this issue since 2013 we are also going to be digging in further to root out the underlying root of the problem for good.

Status: Tech looking into issue, will continue to give updates.



As it stands right now, folks (myself included) are really only able to intermittently post on the support site, be it a new item or a comment on an existing one.  This clearly hinders the communities ability to effectively report issues, ask questions, or submit suggestions (and makes it harder for me to let you know what I am doing, if I have seen it, etc).  A lot of folks who are willing to hit the support site do not frequent the forums, so in the interest of keeping the community voice strong we needed to get this in line for rollout of a fix.  This is a fairly new bug and will take some investigation to correct, so in the meantime please try and bear with us while we get that area sorted out and keep on submitting any issues you come across.

Status: Tech looking into issues, will continue to give updates.



Looking over the tickets I have gotten through so far, I see a string of issues reported with the site search dating back for some time.  The issues with this are assorted, some members getting some very unexpected and undesirable results.  One of the main points of using OP is to be able to quickly gain access to your information, and a broken search does not allow for this to happen.  As it turns out from my talks with the devs, this was already on their radar and being looked into before I pushed it over.  They did let me know it likely won’t be in the first push of updates and fixes since they are still working on it.

Status: Tech looking into issues, will continue to give updates.



So, I will have some more details for you on all of this sometime soon here.  I need to give Tech some time to look over all of this/finish their testing, and get back to me on all the things that have been going on while those technical issues have been preventing releases.


Keep on gaming!

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