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Dynamic Character Sheet bugfix

We found a bug in how the dynamic character sheets were being stored, and we pushed out a fix tonight (Oct 6, 2010). Essentially, there was some duplication of storage where the same character would be stored in two different states in two different places.

We did our best to pull the different pieces together and keep it all straight. However, there may be some slight changes to your dynamic sheet values, like a wrong stat here or there, depending on if the data merge was 100% successful. We’re confident that it worked correctly in the vast majority of cases, and we humbly apologize if any of your data was incorrectly modified. If you’re seeing huge discrepancies on your dynamic characters sheets, please let us know.

We’ve fixed the problem and everything will be smooth from here on out. Again, our apologies for the inconvenience.


Dynamic Sheets for D&D and Pathfinder

Sweet DST for Maid RPG With the advent of the new Dynamic Sheet Template (DST) system coming very soon (probably this Sunday), we obviously need some people to step up and make DSTs for our myriad of systems. The outcome I’m expecting is that we will have a lot of people clamoring for the more popular systems, and less so for the less popular systems. What I’d like to avoid is having several similar submissions for the same system. Instead, it would be preferable to have one or two really great DSTs for a system, rather than 10 mediocre ones.

To prevent a lot of duplicate work on your part and headache on my part, I’m going to pull D&D 4E, D&D 3.5, and Pathfinder out of the mix. In other words, don’t just go out and make a sheet for any of these systems. Instead, you’ll need to apply. I will select the most promising one or two candidates and give them free reign for a week or so. Once we have a couple in the system, I’ll open it up for anyone to make one. The hope is that the first ones will be so awesome that everyone is happy and there’s no need for anyone else to try.

To apply, simply post in the forum thread saying which system you’d like to tackle. All I need to see is demonstrable skill with HTML/CSS, so link to something you’ve made. Fancy Javascript is not necessary, and may be undesirable. I’d rather have a simple sheet that just lays things out nicely, than a very complicated one that has to be updated often or only works in certain browsers. I’ll pick one or two people for each system, assuming we get enough submissions, and we’ll go from there.

Even if you want to make a DST for a smaller system, I’d recommend posting your thoughts in the forum thread. There are surely going to be a lot of ideas bouncing around.

It’s an exciting time. My gut tells me the site is about to get much cooler with the addition of these dynamic sheets. Help me make that a reality!

Update: ChainsawXIV, who made the awesome Exalted DST, is going to take the first stab at 4E. So, I’m going to pull 4E off the table until he’s finished.


Update on Dynamic Character Sheets

A lot of people have expressed interest in the dynamic character sheets after we gave the teaser in the newsletter. So, here’s an update on where we stand.

Exlated Sheet
Savage Sheet

Right now we’re wrapping up some details and working out any remaining kinks. My hope is to release it sometime this week (Friday?) for general use. It’s important to note that as of now, we only have dynamic sheets for Exalted and Savage Worlds. ChainsawXIV and Pelwer were kind enough to stumble through the process with me, and those are the systems they wanted to work with.

Once it’s live for everyone, I’m going to consider it a public beta. This means that it’s still a new, volatile feature, and there will most likely still be bugs. It will improve over time, but I’d rather launch it now in an unfinished state, instead of waiting until it’s perfect.

If you’re looking to jump the gun a little, we’re still accepting people into the closed beta. We’re only looking for people with HTML/CSS/Javascript experience, since that’s what’s needed to create a dynamic sheet. Read over the tutorial and skim the forum thread. If nothing makes sense, that’s fine. It just means you’ll have to wait until someone else makes a sheet for your particular system. I’ve got some ideas on providing incentives, more on that later.

Otherwise, if you have a basic grasp of what’s covered, post a note in the forum thread and I’ll add you to the beta list.

This is a very exciting time, and I think this will be probably the best feature we’ve offered since adding gm-only fields to everything. I can’t wait to release it.

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