Update Post – April 20, 2022

Hail, Portal People!

Time for another reckoning. See below for all of the new features and bug fixes that were added to OP since the previous Update Post.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to post them in the Community Forums, or email support directly at [email protected].

List of Site Updates
  • Fixed bug where the Character link hover to show avatar was letting the Avatar continue to take up visual space so it would stretch out Accordion sections with scrollbars.
  • Added Custom JavaScript as a new Ascendant feature on the Campaign Settings Advanced tab under the Custom CSS. This feature enables a GM to add any JavaScript scripts to their Campaign, and enables Players and visitors to opt-in to or opt-out of running those scripts on their device. The opt-in/opt-out process is clunky right now, and is being worked on, but this feature is fully functional.
  • Fixed bug where Favorites on Manage Favorites page were haphazardly ordered. They are now alphabetical by name.
  • Fixed styling of the Manage Favorites page.
  • Added “custom_css” page feature for all Campaigns. From the Front Page of a Campaign, add “/custom_css” on to the URL to see all of the Custom CSS that Campaign is using.
  • Added “custom_js” page feature for all Campaigns. From the Front Page of a Campaign, add “/custom_js” on to the URL to see all of the Custom JavaScript that Campaign is using.
  • Added the rowspan and colspan table attributes to the enabled HTML attributes.
  • Added Item Category as a CSS class to the Items Index page and the Item Show page to enable styling by Item Category.
  • Added filtering by Item Category.
  • Ordered the Category Names on the Edit/New Item page
  • Added a CSS class and data attribute for the Author/Owner to the Items Index and Show pages.
  • Added filtering by the Item Authors/Owners.
  • Fixed See All Pages and Insert Wiki Link popups so the WikiPages are listed in full alphabetical order, and not just grouped by the first letter of the names.
  • On Characters and Items index pages, added a feature that updates the url with the checked filters in real-time. Then if a url with the filters is visited, the Index page auto-filters with those filters.
  • Fixed bug where clicking the label of a tag or category with a parenthesis in the name wouldn’t check the checkbox.
  • Expanded Selectable JavaScript features to all Edit areas. So, Carousels, Accordions, Random Texts, Random Numbers, and Tooltips now work everywhere.
  • Made a Player’s most recently updated Player Character be the one shown on the Campaign Front Page and on the Campaign tile in the Player’s Member Profile.
  • Fixed bug where the Media Library allowed a Folder to be dragged and dropped into itself, and then the Folder would no longer be visible. Also recovered all of these Folders and returned them to being visible in the Campaign’s Media Library Folders list.

Game on!

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