Update Post – January 20, 2024

Hail, Portal People!

The season clock has chimed again, so it’s time for another reckoning. See below for all of the new features and bug fixes that were added to OP since the previous Update Post.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to post them in the Community Forums, or email support directly at [email protected].

List of Site Updates
  • Fixed bug where malformed linked asset link caused an error.
  • Changed the credit card issue second notice email message in HTML and Text to note that data would not be lost if the account was downgraded.
  • Added an additional message to tell the member to email us when they have added funds if the issue was due to insufficient funds.
  • Changed the second notice language to be used as the initial notice and added a “bump” message to the second notice. Removed the “next_attempt_at” part since we don’t do that anymore to avoid hitting the member with another insufficient funds fee from their debit card.
  • Fixed bug with caching of Campaign members.
  • Added body class for author/owner to Character and Item Show pages.
  • Fixed bug where “Last login” on the Campaign Dashboard Player Group wasn’t always being updated.
  • Fixed bug where a capitalized email address in a Campaign invite would not allow the member with a lower case email address in their profile to join the Campaign.
  • When Loading or Editing a Campaign Map by clicking on a map tile, scroll the main selected map area into view.
  • Fixing CSRF error for “Leave Campaign” button clicked from the Edit Profile.
  • Fixed “can’t verify csrf token authenticity” since it was calling the “destroy favorites” on the Campaign’s subdomain from the unscoped url.
  • Fixed “to_model” error message on image_tag on an image object.
  • Fixed error about ambiguous SQL columns in GROUP BY
  • Replace obsidianportal.helpscoutdocs.com with help.obsidianportal.com
  • Change forums to “https” and remove trailing slash from help.obsidianportal.com urls.
  • Standardizing blog links to https.
  • Fixed dice_roller_popup dice images not showing.
  • Adding “(None Selected)” to Campaign Status in Campaign Settings.
  • Standardizing on “GM” and “co-GM”.
  • Standardizing on “co-GM” instead of “Co-GM”
  • Friends “See More” popup should not scroll with the screen. It has it’s own scroll bar and fits to the mobile screen as well.
  • Fixed bug preventing WikiPage and Item DSTs from showing.
  • Hide the DST to allow the css and js to be applied before the visitor sees the DST.
  • Database version upgrade.
  • Standardizing on “JavaScript” instead of “Javascript”.
  • Standardizing on “Edit This Page” instead of “Edit this Page”
  • Standardizing on “Games Nearby” instead of “Nearby Games”
  • Fixed bug where Campaign markers were not showing on the Games Nearby map.
  • Took “DSTs on Wiki Pages and Items” out of beta.
  • On Image/PDF Embed, remove the file mask for images and allow any file uploads. Show any error messages as alerts.
  • In mobile view for Edit Character and Edit Item, show the avatar below the Save button so it’s not squashed when trying to update the avatar.
  • Character Index and Item Index pages were sorting names that started with a lower case letter to the bottom.
  • On Manage Favorites screen, Campaigns starting with a lower case letter were sorted to the bottom.
  • On Manage Friends screen, member names starting with a lower case letter were sorted to the bottom.
  • Added a tooltip to the “Show Auto-Outlining” checkbox on Wiki Page Edit and Adventure Log Edit.
  • For file uploads, truncated the filename when it was too long instead of throwing an error.
  • Small adjustments to wording on the Plans page.
  • Tweaked the wording of some messages to differentiate between Ascendant and Basic memberships.
  • Fixed 404 page to show correctly in mobile view.
  • Fixed the Backup files to show correctly in Google Chrome browser, instead of just showing a blank page. Google Chrome browser will not load a separate XSLT file, so this is including the file as base64 encoded.
  • Added ability for DST fields to be updated from the WikiPage/Character/Item Show pages with class dsfu.
  • When promoting to co-GM, if the visitor refreshed the page within 30 seconds, the co-GM status of the Campaign Member would appear to revert to the old status, but it was just showing a cached value.
  • Show the “more …” link on the dashboard and home page stream for all campaigns.
  • Limit Campaign Updates Stream to the last 30 days if more than 20, but go further back in the past to show at least 20 if there even are 20.
  • Added Active colored border to the currently selected file in the Image/PDF Embed popup.
  • In the Image/PDF Embed popup, when a file is uploaded, the file is added to the top of the list, and now is automatically selected.
  • In the Image/PDF Embed popup, limit the number of files per page to 48 so it shows a uniform number of files per row. 8 rows of 6.
  • Fixed odd spacing between page buttons on Image/PDF Embed popup.
  • On the Image/PDF Embed popup, the selected file was losing it’s selected indicator when the page of files was changed and then changed back.
  • In the Carousel popup, limit the number of files per page to 48 so it shows a uniform number of files per row. 8 rows of 6.
  • Floated the Save button at the bottom of the Wiki Page, Character, Item, and Adventure Log Edit pages.
  • Made the floated Save button look right in mobile.
  • Made the floated Save button look right for “Narrow Public Navigation” in desktop and mobile.
  • Made the floated Save button look right for the case where GM has set the content_max_width in Campaign Settings.
  • Set the floated Save button notify message to say who is going to be notified and how many more as well.
  • Fixed bug where the floating submit bar was covering up the sidebar navigation and not allowing it to be clicked.

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