Update Post – July 15, 2019

Greetings OP Community,

I’m a bit overdue in terms of where I’d like to be with respects to the release of these update posts, but it couldn’t be helped, and the show “must go on” as they say. So, I won’t dwell on it too much. There’s a fair amount of stuff to get into this time around, so let’s get started.

Downgrade Survey Replaced

The old (and long-broken) SurveyGizmo downgrade survey that appeared when a user would downgrade their account has been replaced. That free-account survey had long ago reached its limit on responses, and so rather than re-up a third-party item on the site, we replaced it with a more permanent solution. Users who downgrade their account now send their commentary directly to our support folks via the new “Unsubscribe Feedback” form.


The Obsidian Portal Newsletter made a comeback this month! If you didn’t get it, make sure you go into your profile settings and configure your Email Notification Settings to receive email newsletters. We’re doing our best to pack these newsletters with awesome content for you to check out, so fill in that checkbox and make sure you’re on our mailing list!

Twitch Channel

As mentioned in the latest newsletter, we’ve created an Obsidian Portal Twitch Channel, and will begin putting up content, doing some streaming and trying to more closely connect with our users. This is brand new territory for us, so we’d love your support, and to hear about what you want to see on this channel. I will be kicking off my first broadcast tomorrow (July 16) at 10pm EST with some basics of DST building, and the beginnings of a sheet for the upcoming Pathfinder 2nd edition. Feel free to stop by and see how I’m doing.

Subscription Email Fixes

Some fixes for the auto-generated subscription email were rolled out. Users should no longer be informed that we thank them for the subscription payment on their free account; nor should they see that the annual subscription that they just paid for is due for another payment the next day. As a bit of background on this, these were purely print-related bugs due to the timing of the email generation in relation to the update in the database, and no one’s subscription status was ever affected at any point by this error.

Help Area Stuff

A couple of small updates were made to the Help area. The one most related to your quality of life as a user is that the Obsidian Portal title graphic no longer points to the main page of the Help area, but instead returns you to the main site. The “Knowledge Base” link at the top right of the page now takes you back to the main page of the Help area. We also implemented article ratings, so you can tell us whether or not an article helped with your question.

PC/NPC Headings

Another quality of life fix that was made is that we have added unique class identifiers to the optional “PLAYER CHARACTERS” and “NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS” headings on the character listing page. This lets users with custom CSS access target these headings for styling without having to go through all the nth-child shenanigans.

– – –

That’s going to do it for now, see everyone next post (or tomorrow if you’re showing up to my broadcast).

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