Update Post – July 20, 2022

Hail, Portal People!

Time for another reckoning. See below for all of the new features and bug fixes that were added to OP since the previous Update Post.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to post them in the Community Forums, or email support directly at [email protected].

List of Site Updates
  • Added comment spam catching for Campaign Comments and Adventure Log Comments.
  • Limited the Campaigns menu to your 7 most recently updated Campaigns, and added an “All My Campaigns” link that goes to the your “My Profile”.
  • Fixed bug with Custom Navigation where urls that only differed by a query string like filters for the Characters page weren’t highlighting correctly.
  • Fixed bug where Editing a Character that was using a deleted DST would return a 404 error. This could happen if a DST was being developed, but then the author scrapped it without the author deleting the Character the DST was being tested on.
  • Added a link (to the Campaign’s homepage) to the Campaign Banner, inside the banner instead of wrapped around the banner, so the new html does not conflict with existing Custom CSS.
  • Added a validation to DST slugs. DST slugs were being created with dashes and spaces and other special characters that were causing issues when the slug was being used in auto-generated JavaScript functions.
  • Changed “DM” to “GM” on the Campaign of the Month panel on the Campaigns page.
  • Fixed the failed login message to refer to username instead of email, since we don’t use emails for logins.
  • Fixed bug with deleting an account where the delete would throw an error if the member didn’t have a password because they only ever logged in with social logins.
  • Fixed bug where the logout message was being dropped like when an account was deleted.
  • Fixed bug on the Games Nearby page where clicking on the “Looking for Players only” label didn’t check and uncheck the checkbox.
  • Changed the “Looking for Players” button on the All Campaigns page to be “Looking for Players – In Person”.
  • Changed the “Looking for Players” “Filter Campaigns by” option on the All Campaigns page to be “Looking for Players – Remote”.
  • Automatically check the “Looking for Players only” checkbox when visiting the Games Nearby page from the All Campaigns page via the “Looking for Players – In Person” button.
  • Changed the Games Nearby map to only show in person Campaigns, and only Campaigns that have been updated in the last 60 days.
  • Added a confirmation popup for changing a Character’s selected DST. If the Character’s DST values have been changed, the confirmation will ask before changing the DST and losing the changes.
  • Fixed bug on DSTs where values that had the same field names were not being copied over to the newly selected DST.
  • Changed DSTs to maintain the values for fields that aren’t part of the currently selected DST, so a Character can be changed back to a previously used DST and the field values will still be there.

Game on!

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