Update Post – July 20, 2023

Hail, Portal People!

The season clock has chimed again, so it’s time for another reckoning. See below for all of the new features and bug fixes that were added to OP since the previous Update Post.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to post them in the Community Forums, or email support directly at [email protected].

List of Site Updates
  • Fixed spacing on create adventure log post notification email subject lines.
  • Fixed issue where a WikiPage with a “:” in the name caused the code to run so long that the member was getting a 502 response.
  • Fixed issue where an unclosed double square bracket link caused the code to run so long that the member was getting a 502 response.
  • Added ability to create a generic invite url with no specific email or OP member.
  • Changed the “Accept” button on the OP Messaging Campaign invites to automatically redirect to the newly joined Campaign.
  • Fixed spelling of auto-outlining.
  • Fixed a padding issue with Table of Contents on Adventure Logs and Wiki Pages in the mobile view.
  • Fixed bug that happened when Characters and Items don’t have a slug set.
  • Fixed bug where the member was seeing a 404 page due to an error in the code, and not an actual missing page.
  • Fixed the Favorite Campaigns See More popup so it doesn’t scroll off screen.
  • Titleized the Version Compare section headings.
  • Bolded the Version Compare section headings.
  • Ordered the WikiPage sections on Version Compare to match the page with Body first and GM Body second.
  • Added hr between main heading and section headings on Version Compare.
  • Changed the Archived Version Show to show the raw escaped html from that version, instead of the interpreted html version to better match the comparison, and to not have the html of the page conflict with the version show.
  • Fixed issue where version comparing two older versions was showing deletions as additions and additions as deletions.
  • Changed “Back to original” on Archived Version page and popup to “Back to current”.
  • Fixed bug where Character was not storing the previous versions.
  • Added Wish List to the Versioned fields on Character.
  • Limited the public RSS to only show Recent Updates from Campaigns with visibility set to public.
  • Returned a 403 for rss.xml on campaign updates if not visible to the logged in user.
  • Restricted user updates to only public campaigns.
  • Restricted friend updates to only public campaigns.
  • Restrict favorites updates to public campaigns.
  • Added the “All Campaign Members” checkbox to the Player Secrets “Who can see this?” list.
  • Included the “All Campaign Members” Player Secrets into all Campaign Members’ Secrets tabs.
  • Filtered out cached Recent Updates that are for non-public Campaigns.
  • Fixed bug with Campaign searches done in non-English languages.
  • Added “What Links Here” backlinks feature for Wiki Pages, Adventure Logs, Characters, and Items, which can be enabled on the Campaign Settings Advanced tab.
  • Fixed bug where a “new” WikiPage link in a Character wasn’t getting updated to a real link when the WikiPage had been created.
  • Fixed “What Links Here” backlinks so they show backlinks from “All Campaign Members” Player Secrets to Campaign Members.
  • Fixed spelling of “favorite” to be the American version to match the spelling in the rest of the app.
  • Added “See All New Pages” feature to show a report of uncreated links to “new” Wiki Pages, which can be shown by clicking the button in the Campaign Settings Advanced tab.
  • Fixed Backlinks so they show “All Campaign Members” Player Secrets.
  • Fixed “last login” bug that was not updating the last login date.
  • Added some space between the pagination and the listing of media files in Image Embed and Carousel.
  • Styled the icons, like PDF and File, so that they are the same size as the images, and inline with the images.
  • Fixed to show “cloudfront-other” instead of “cloudfront-undefined” for Media/PDF Embed
  • Fixed bug where clicking “Insert” on the Image Embed would append a “#” to the browser url.
  • Fixed bug where adding a Carousel added a “#” to the browser url.
  • Fixed font sizes on the image details to be the same for all of the details on the Image Embed for the selected Image.
  • Fixed the non-image file icons, like PDF, from overlapping the selected file details.
  • Added “Embed” checkbox for PDFs in Image Embed. If Embed is checked, then the PDF is shown directly in the page. If Embed is unchecked, then a link to the file in the Media Library is shown.
  • Changed “Image Embed” to “Image/PDF Embed”.
  • In Version Compare, added explicit html ids to the checkboxes to keep the browser from complaining about duplicate ids.
  • Fixed bug in Version Compare where, on some pages, “Back to current” was pointing to non-existent wiki page urls for characters.

Game on!

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