Update Post – October 20, 2021

Hail, Portal People!

Another season has passed since we last gave a reckoning of the updates on Obsidian Portal, so we’re back to do it again.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to post them in the Community Forums, or email support directly at [email protected].

List of Site Updates
  • Positioned delete buttons to better function on mobile for Wiki Pages, Calendar Events, Adventure Logs, Characters, Items, Player Secrets, and Maps.
  • Fixed the “Forum” sidebar menu item to highlight correctly when editing a Campaign Forum Post.
  • For non-logged in visitors viewing a non-Ascendant Campaign, there is now a “Create Your Campaign Website” button at the top of the Campaign to give an easy path to becoming a member.
  • Fixed a “mixed content warning” in Chrome on Items.
  • Tag filtering on Characters and Items now filters to only Characters and Items that match all filter tags, instead of ones that matched any filter tags.
  • Tag filtering dims filter tags that do not match any of the visible Characters or Items to show which filter tags can be used to filter further.
  • Fixed issue where Items were not being filtered by the Name filter, only by the tag filter.
  • Added a “hidden feature” that enables filtering the overall Campaign Search by multiple tags. The standard way only enables filtering by a single tag.
  • Fixed issue where Wiki Pages with “&” or “’” (curved apostrophe) in the name couldn’t be linked to with the Wiki Link button.
  • Added a “beta feature” that bumps the max number of Maps for an Ascendant Campaign from 10 to 20. If you need more Maps in your Campaign, email support, and we’ll get you hooked up.
  • Fixed issue where the word “description” couldn’t be used in font-family declarations in Custom CSS.
  • Fixed issue where a JavaScript exploit was possible, but that removed the ability to use a JavaScript popup in Campaigns. To counter that, we have a “trusted member” setting that we can turn on per Campaign. Email support if you want to be added to the “trusted member” list and be able to use the JavaScript popup trick.
  • If the GM of the Campaign is the Owner of a Character, that Character is now listed in the Campaign Members block on the Front Page of the Campaign, with the GM as the Player.
  • Fixed issue where unread OP Messages in the popup inbox had the wrong sent/received date.
  • Fixed issue where a lock icon was showing on the Map page of non-Ascendant Campaigns for non-logged in visitors when the Campaign had hit the max number of Maps.
  • Fixed issue where the Characters and Items Quick Select Lists were not always sorted alphabetically.
  • Removed Ascendant Free Trial and replaced it with a forever Refund Guarantee.
  • Fixed issue where the combination of lots of Calendar Events and lots of Players resulted in a slow loading of the Calendar. As part of this, the hover over the RSVPs will only show the first 25 RSVPs, and then show -“…” to indicate more.
  • Fixed the Community Forums upper right hand corner indicators to have the correct icons, and the search font to be more visible.
  • The Community Forums member pages now have a link back to the member’s OP Profile page where all of the member’s Campaigns are listed.

We hope at least some of those updates make your game just that much better.

P.S. If you’ve read this far, let us know if you want us to continue doing these Update Posts, either by posting in the Community Forums or just dropping us a line at [email protected]. Depending on responses, this might be the last Update Post for at least a while. If something we’re doing isn’t providing value to the members, then we’d rather take those resources and put them to work providing value to the members some other way.

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