Update Post – October 20, 2022

Hail, Portal People!

The season clock has chimed again, so it’s time for another reckoning. See below for all of the new features and bug fixes that were added to OP since the previous Update Post.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to post them in the Community Forums, or email support directly at [email protected].

List of Site Updates
  • Fixed the Campaign internal search to not throw an error when certain keyboard characters are included in the search terms.
  • Fixed bug where a DST author submits the DST, then before Approved, makes a change and Submits again, and gets an error.
  • Added the “title-edit” class to the Item heading to make the formatting match other Edit pages.
  • Added maxlength limit to Character Name and Item Name.
  • Added “Player Character Item?” checkbox to Edit Item page in same place that the “Player Character?” checkbox is on the Edit Character page.
  • Fixed “Last Updated by” for Items to correctly report the last member to update the Item.
  • Added a feature so that if the Item is a “Player Character Item?”, then only the GM and the owner/author can Edit the Item. If the Item is not a “Player Character Item?”, then any Campaign member can Edit the Item.
  • In the mobile view, in the Campaign Forum, there is now a small rounded corner box with an up triangle in the bottom right hand corner to enable scrolling all the way to the top of the page to get to the Forum Topics. This is for when the current forum thread has lots of posts and scrolling to the top manually would be tedious.
  • The “target” “_blank” attribute is now supported in the HTML in all page types. This enables a tag links to automatically open a link in a new tab.
  • Fixed a bug where a membership with a failed payment would automatically cancel, even if that membership had subsequently received a gift to continue the membership.
  • Fixed a bug where membership gift time was being lost when a member changed from a gift membership to a paid membership, if the change was made before the gift time was completely used up.
  • For complimentary memberships, like from a Campaign of the Year win, or a special Bundle, now explicitly show that the subscription is expiring and is not going to automatically bill the member.
  • For Characters or Items that do not have an owner/author, don’t show the Owner/Author on the Character or Item.
  • Enabled multiline bold, italic, and strikethrough for Textile editor.
  • Added an indicator similar to “Remote!” for “Looking for players!” on the Front Page, so it’s obvious and isn’t only seen in the search results.
  • Fixed Previews so that the links show with the correct color.
  • Added a “gm-only” body level class to Character, Item, Adventure Log, and Wiki “show” pages.
  • Added gray coloring for “gm-only” Character, Item, Adventure Log, and Wiki “show” pages.
  • Fixed the Adventure Log Index page, Character Index page, and Item Index page GM-Only tiles to have a darkened background, Edit icon, name, tags, and quick description.
  • On the Item Index page, added social buttons and the quick description to the Item tiles.
  • Added visual space and removed the alternating background on the “See All Pages” Wiki Pages quick select screen to make it more readable and to make room for “gm-only” coloring. Added “gm-only” class to tiles that are GM-Only.
  • For new Campaigns, generate a generic Campaign url slug if all the keyboard characters in the Campaign’s name are non-latin characters.
  • Hide Character Show page and Item Show page Description and Bio sections if the section would be blank.
  • Added “(None Selected)” option to Item Category.
  • Changed “Author” to “Owner” to match the “Change Owner” dropdown, since Author isn’t actually true as someone can Edit and change the Character or Item, but still not be made the Author.
  • Changed “Change Owner” to just “Item Owner” or “Character Owner” and to always display the current Owner. Included a “(None Selected)” option. Also, now show the “Owner” dropdown for all Editors if there is no Owner, so a Player can claim their Character or Item if it is unclaimed.
  • Fixed Character and Item Owner dropdowns to not be too wide.
  • Any member of the campaign can Edit a Character or Item if the Character or Item doesn’t have an Owner/Author.
  • Changed the Owner dropdown and Delete buttons on Character or Item to show for the GM, the Owner, or for any member of the Campaign, if the Character or Item has no Owner.
  • The GM or the Owner can always Edit a Character or Item. Any member of the Campaign can Edit a Character or Item if not a Player Character or Player Character Item, and if the Character is not marked “Hide Stats”.
  • Added “(None Selected)” as the default for the DST dropdown on Characters.

Game on!

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