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It’s February 14th, so you know what that means! No, not Valentine’s… Campaign of the Year! That’s right friends, it’s time to show your love for your choice of the best campaign from 2020! Last year might have been a rough one, but we tried our hardest to keep it afloat with some tremendous featured campaigns. The pay-off for all that effort comes now – in the form of a really awesome list of contenders for Campaign of the Year!

The Contenders for 2020 CotM!

The voting is open now!

The window to cast your vote for Obsidian Portal’s Campaign of the Year for 2020 is open now – and will close at 12:01 AM on February 22. This means you have just one week to review the contenders and cast your vote. To vote, visit our SurveyMonkey Poll and choose your favorite, then hit the “Submit Vote!” button.

As before, we offer up our gratitude and appreciation to our wonderful list of prize contributors. Their support means the world to us, so please stop by any of their sites or social media pages and let them feel the love too! Our prize package this time around includes:

  • Core Book PDF’s from Pelgrane Press, makers of 13th Age and many other games
  • New campaigns from Mongoose Publishing, like Traveller’s “Pirates of Drinax”
  • Modiphius Entertainment discount codes for their online store
  • ATMA: The Roleplaying Card Game bundles from Meromorph Games
  • Paizo’s Pathfinder Second Edition and Starfinder Corebook PDF’s and Beginner Boxes
  • An entire R. Talsorian Games digital library – everything they have available on DriveThruRPG! As well as PDF copies of Cyberpunk RED for the runner-up campaign!
  • One free year of Ascendant membership

Stay tuned!

We’ll be back with the results for the 2020 Campaign of the Year vote on February 22nd, so be sure to check in and see who won! In the meantime, keep nominating your favorite campaigns so that we can keep our featured campaigns program alive and strong.

We’ll see you soon!

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