Weekly Update – April 4, 2019

Hey everybody, you’ll have to forgive me for being a day late on this update post. We have a reasonably serious disruption yesterday (more on that in a second), so I was a bit tied up with keeping on top of that and following up with related tickets.

That said, let’s get into it.

Yesterday’s Editor Issue

The problem causing headaches and lack of functionality for the Textile editor and various buttons and features yesterday has been resolved. Thanks to everyone who sent reports about this issue and provided additional details that were useful in tracking down the source. We apologize for the disruption, and we appreciate the community’s timely notice and patience while we got to the bottom of things.

AWS Configuration

A minor misconfiguration with AWS that was causing some uploaded character and item images for some users to not show was corrected. Our estimate is that the number of users affected by this issue was minimal, and the duration of the outage was around one week.

Help Area

The process of switching to the new (and better) Help Area is all but done now, with only one final task remaining. All Help and FAQ links on Obsidian Portal have been changed over to the new location, and the old one has been removed. There’s no more inoperable login setup or any of that stuff that wasn’t functioning on the old page. I’m still adding articles as we go, so if your question isn’t answered there just yet, feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

Map Markers

The space or sci-fi set of map markers is now done and can be considered released and free to use by the public. Work on our next set Disasters has already begun, so start planning where our volcanoes, earthquakes and other destructive-event markers can go on your next map. As a reminder for those who might have missed the news, the back end functionality for “Premium” markers is completed and in place, so we’ll be throwing out some sets here and there going forward that will be reserved for subscribers. Finally, we also released our cave map marker to the General set, which is the final specifically mentioned marker from the Kickstarter that was overdue for delivery.

– – –

That’s going to do it for this week, more to come next time.

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