Weekly Update – January 17, 2019

Hello OP!

I’ve just got a couple of things for this week, so let’s dive right in and get to it.

Minor Email Fix

Following the prior fix to the support email, a few scattered reports of deliverability issues continued to come. It turns out there was still a minor issue causing some intermittent disruptions. This has now been fixed, so fingers crossed that this is the last instance of this problem.

Help/Support Back End Switchover

So not too long ago, I reported that we had started the process of switching the back-end of the support side over to a new and improved setup. We’re getting closer to tripping the final switch on this, and so I thought I’d take a sec and let people know what this will mean from a user perspective. The long and short of it is: not much, but we’ve gotten rid of some of the things that either weren’t working correctly or were simply annoying.

As you can see from the image below of a single entry, the sign-in that wasn’t ever working anyway will be gone. The nesting of sub-sections has been removed, and the overall page is simpler without trying to have a personalized “My Area” or “Home” tabs. On the back end, things are also more streamlined, which helps me (the guy handling tickets) out immensely.

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