Weekly Update – June 19, 2019

Hey Portal People,

Obviously, I’ve gotten behind schedule on doing my update posts, but I’ve been reading tons of feedback emails, and working to get the next phase of development sorted out – so hopefully you guys aren’t too upset with me. That said, let’s get into some updates.

Development Roadmap

Our development roadmap has undergone some revisions for the upcoming cycle. This was done in response to feedback from our recent outreach program, and through evaluation of priorities as they exist at the present time.

Help/Support Changeover

The back end of the Help and Support area is being migrated in order to consolidate the final bits of the old Zoho setup into the new Help Scout one. As part of this process, the support form is being removed (temporarily) from the site, and has been replaced with a link to the [email protected] email address.

Map Marker Stuff

Unfortunately, there has been a delay in the release of the “Disasters” map marker set. To offset this gap in marker set releases a bit, we’ve added 2 additional markers to the “General” set. Hopefully this will tide folks over until we can get “Disasters” completed and out the proverbial door.

Database Update

An update to the database was rolled out in order to prevent a credit card failure from immediately cancelling users’ Ascendant and Adventurer subscriptions. Users who have a credit card failure on a subscription payment now have a one week grace period to update their card information, or take whatever other action is necessary to resolve the problem before their account is downgraded. If you’re still on the pre-Oct 2018 pricing, this should be an update you can appreciate.

Beginner’s Guide

The process of replacing the old “Getting Started” videos has begun. This new and updated Beginner’s Guide video series will feature longer, more in-depth videos than the other parts of the Help area, and will cover topics more broadly than the old Getting Started videos did.

– – –

That’s going to do it for now, more to come next time.

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