Weekly Update – March 27, 2019

Hello everyone, and welcome to another weekly update post. I’m on the verge of being late here, so I’ll try to keep this one brief in the interests of timing. That said, let’s jump right in and get to what’s been going on around here.

Help Area Switchover

The move to the new (and better) setup for the Help area has now been completed. No more trying to figure out why you can’t sign in (hint, it never worked), or worrying about some user-specific area that doesn’t function correctly. Now you can come and get answers to¬† frequently asked questions simply and without hassle.

Initial Link Parsing Bug Fixed

Following the fix to the recent bug where page content was initially not shown until a follow up Edit and Save, it was discovered that the fix that had been rolled out did not correctly work for links made via OPs bracket/slug system. This has now been fixed, and links are correctly parsed on initial save.

Game Systems Logo Project

A while back I started up a personal administration project to get logos added to those game systems that were missing them and double check the validity of the links that those images lead to. Although I don’t get to work on this as often as I’d like to, I have been plugging away steadily over time. As of today, I’m close to 75% of the way done with all of the game systems in our listing. Obviously with more systems coming all the time, there are sure to be more that need to be added, but the backlog is getting close to being done.

– – –

There’s more that could be covered regarding bigger things (like features and the like), but I’m going to leave them for next week when I can give a bigger and better overview of them, so stay tuned.

Award Winning!

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