Weekly Update – March 7, 2019

So it’s been a pretty quiet week compared to recent ones – and that’s a good thing. The hectic has settled back down into the more typical. The lack of issues to solve means that work behind the curtain has resumed on features, updates and other cool things – and thank God for that. We really are looking forward to getting the items that have been in waiting on the development roadmap going again.

All of that being said, let me throw out the details on what has gone on over the course of this week.

Update on PayPal

I’ll start off with the cool item first. Short and sweet, we’re just about there on integration of PayPal as a payment option for OP subscriptions. We’re in the final round of testing on the staging environment, and barring some catastrophic discovery, the rollout to production is probably just days away.

Bug Fixes

Some solid strides were taken at wiping out the bug list this week.  Here’s a quick rundown of which items got fixed:

  • The auto-population of the slug field on character creation was repaired, following its stoppage when validation was added to ensure that users cannot save a character with an empty value in the slug field.
  • A bug enabling some non-subscribed users to force the appearance of the dice roller has been fixed.
  • A visibility issue surrounding newly created wiki pages and adventure logs causing the content to not display upon creation has been fixed.
  • The textual and alignment errors on the favorites page for users having no favorite campaigns have been fixed.

(Somebody call Chip Foose!) The design plans for the first major feature overhaul are nearly complete, and we should be officially “breaking ground” (ie, starting to build) the new interface and back end sometime this week (basically right after PayPal gets deployed). It’s still a bit early to try for any kind of timetable just yet, but I’ll bring developments (and pictures) on this as soon as the powers that be say it’s okay for me to do so.

– – –

Until next time.

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