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Our Featured Campaigns live on forever here at Obsidian Portal. By all accounts, they are works of art that expand our horizons as gamers and help us keep in mind what is truely important in all table-top RPGS; the joy of play.


Le Ballet de l’Acier: August’s CoTM!

Today we are joined by Black Vulmea GM of the wonderfully flourished Le Ballet de l’Acier campaign. Today we talk swashbuckling and swordplay with zero mention of the six fingered man or Inigio Montoya. Let’s jump right in!


Sins of the First Age: July’s Campaign of the Month

Today we take a look at “Sins of the First Age” a campaign run by ChainsawXIV and GreatGalby. It’s our first dual-GM interview ever so let’s jump right in! This segment will be ChainsawXIV’s responses, and later on we’ll add GreatGalby’s in a seperate post!


From Beyond The Shattered Gateway: June’s COTM

This month we interview HoptownGameNight (aka Justin Mason) about his ongoing game night campaign “From Beyond The Shattered Gateway” in all of its marvellously decadent presentation. Long time advocate of Obsidian Portal, Justin claims the title of having the first ever “Campaign of the Month” from way back in 2008 so it’s nice to have him back again.


Lodestar: May Campaign of the Month!

Hello again and welcome to another beautifully crafted and upkept campaign worthy of being deemed Campaign of the Month! Proceed onward to read my interview with DM Sommerset about his game: Lodestar!


The Spelljoined: Campaign of the Month

Today we bring to you guys, a truly awesome showcase of campaign depth and intricacy. The very dedicated and friendly DungeonMasterLoki shares with us a bit about his game, his players and gives us some sound advice. The Spelljoined campaign has been going on since before some of us were born! So ‘ave a seat cutter, and stop rattlin’ your bone box for a just minute and park your ears right here!


Govaga: February Campaign of the Month

After much exploration, delibaration and pure admiration I bring to you Govaga, a 4th edition D&D campaign which is run by BrokenClock. Let’s hear what he has to say about this awesome campaign he’s got going here, read carefully and you may even catch some golden pearls of DM’ing wisdom!

Brief Note: This interview was truncated and slightly censored in attempts to remain brief and family friendly.

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