d20Monkey Caption Contest for February

So. Many. Words. What’s going on with MC Wolfmaster Flex? Where did his pants go? What are these two guys doing out here? What are their tabards all about? The possibilities are endless. It’s all up to your crazy twisted minds to decide what those are, so run wild with this one and give us your best captions, one liners and whatever else you can think of in the comments below!

Winner will have their comedic genius recognized both here, and at d20Monkey.com, gain 3 months of Ascendant time and an Obsidian Portal T-Shirt! We’re also throwing in a 10$ DriveThruRPG gift card for this month’s winner as well! Contest ends midnight (CST) on Feb 29th, so get going! Remember one caption per comment, and leave as many as you like.

Congratulations to Nick with the winning entry of “I am just about done with this Twilight bulls#!%

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  1. Frank’s worried that his Party Werewolf Paragon Template may not carry over. He’s says if there’s more of us, that we can’t be ignored.

  2. Yeah, well me and Lennie are gonna hit up that new tavern in Moonwood, he keeps tellin’ me it’ll be just a “few quiet ales”, but I dunno, I got a sneaky feeling he’s up for a party. You in?

  3. Yeah, right. Sure the “Big Bad Wolf” is right behind me….there’s no way I’m turnin’ around…that’ll just get me a masterwork wedgie…

  4. Oh heh, this is my kid brother’s friend, Mike. Just showin’ him around the boring snow plains for a bit. He’s ok, but I sure wish he’d stop saying “WAASSSSUUUUPP!!!” every time I turn around….startin’ to get on my nerves

  5. “THIS is the clown you ordered for the party?”
    “We were on a budget, man. Blind Surfer Rectal Exam Werewolf saved us enough to buy a bigger cake.”

  6. Apparently its a new breed called the “teen wolf”. They just play basketball and party. He’s still not as bad as that sparkly vampire guy.

  7. This old guy reckons he’s famous, off some TV game show about Gladiators or something. I told him the Selune Foreign Legion wont hold it against him.

  8. “I think it’s mainly a bid on Wallace’s part to distance himself from his cousins who were in those awful Twilight films…”

  9. Guy on the Right: When i said i wanted to take a moonlit walk on the beech, I didn’t mean with HIM.
    Guy on the Light (Barbarian): Don’t insult my werewolf brethren.
    Werewolf: Come on guys, quit arguing & lets PARTY!!!

  10. I don’t think George is appreciating the seriousness of his condition. Lycanthropy is a disease, not a party… he’s going to eat us isn’t he?

  11. “Okay I know you told me that Twilight was popular and all but really, you seriously think this cardboard cutout with ugly shorts is gonna get us the ladies?”

    “Dude thats not a cardboard cut out… and he looks a little offended about the shorts comment”

  12. Wolfman “where all the Worgen Bitchez at?”

    Tabard guy “Sorry, he’s been watching a lot of Stormwind Shore lately…”

  13. “When we were selected to join the Night Beach Cleaners instead of the Sewer Scrubbers I thought we were getting a lucky break. I don’t know who keeps biting the sunbathers, but if we have to tell one more dude that he’s become lycanthropic, I’m going to transfer. At least the Sewer Scrubbers get weapons.”

  14. “It’s great that Invisa-Line Dental Floss ™ is trying to update their mascot, but I think their dial got stuck on 1987 “Era of the Ninja Turtle”.

  15. “So there I was, tied up to the bed, and in she comes with a whip and wearing nothin’ but a chainmail bikini…”
    “Do you believe this crap? Next he’s going to say that those boxers aren’t his!”

  16. Human: “He wants us to call him Sir Licks-a-lot.”
    Wolf: “I like… big… butts and I cannot Bluff. You other brothers can’t rebuff…”

  17. Step 1: Kill all the humans we find.
    Step 2: Steal their stuff.
    Step 3: Learn their secret hand gesture spellcasting techniques (pictured here is a demonstration of the Ruin Photography Curse: Bunny Ears)
    Step 4: Profit!

  18. He said he’d played tons of role-playing games but it just occured to me that he meant World of Warcraft and Skyrim!

  19. Ok didn’t know it deleted previous post if you post again. So both together …

    “He said he had played tons of role-playing games but it just occured to me that maybe he meant Skyrim and World of Warcraft.”

    “Gulp. Turns out he can see the moon through those shades ….”

  20. … so that’s what the fingers are for. You’ll REALLY embarrass me if I have to explain to you what the tongue’s for, you have been with at least one woman before right? (while thinking – Yeah right, look at that beard)

  21. C’mon Craig, we’ve been hanging out looking cool for hours and not one chick has checked us out let alone said hello. He says if we let him bite us he’ll take us out and introduce us to some really cool bitches.

  22. “Amulet of lycanthropy? +1 shorts of Awesome? Snow Goggles of Future Seeing? Only 2000 gold? You know what I think this time I’ll pass…”

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