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Haste w/ Roll20: Roll20 Virtual Table, D&DNext Ban On Online Playtesting, Classes in D&D

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Tonight we’re joined by Nolan and Riley the co-creators of Roll20, one of the nominees for the Excellence In Innovation Award this year. A quick congrats to “DreamDrake” and “Robert U” on winning our RPGStack Exchange contest! Also be sure to check out our new d20Monkey comic caption contest, and Crimson Skies, our Campaign of the Month for June. Lastly, thanks to you also have a chance to win a pound o’ dice this month! Shoo, that’s a lot! Now, on with the show!


Interview and Book Giveaway with Scott Fitzgerald Gray

Recently I had the pleasure of being able to sit down with freelance writer/editor Scott Fitzgerald Gray of Wizards of the Coast and interviewed him about his new book “A Prayer for Dead Kings and other Tales“. The book is full of short stories, a novella and a short novel full of awesome, inspiring sword and sorcery tales and more. Scott also happens to be writer of my personal favorite D&D 4e publication to date: The Tomb of Horrors (Hardback & DM Reward Module)

Within the interview I pick Scott’s brain about a little bit of everything writing and D&D related, including a dreaded “What is your favorite…” question relating to D&D. We also talk about his new book, of course. He’s also kind enough to be giving away some free (electronic) copies to random commenters, so if you leave a comment or question below you’ll be entered in a raffle to win 1 of 5 electronic copies of A Prayer for Dead Kings and Other Tales! The contest will end November 21st at midnight, so be sure to chip in any old comment by then if you’d like a chance to win.

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