Haste: Shadowrun Returns and Wasteland 2 Kickstarters, DnDNext Legends & Lore Polls, Roleplayers Chronicle

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The d20Monkey caption from March has wrapped up, congrats to our winner Andrew B! There’s a new comic up so be sure to check it out! Speaking of checking things out, be sure to take some time to check out Stitcher Radio, where you can now listen to Haste right on your mobile device without any downloading or syncing!

Roleplayers Chronicle

There’s a new news aggregator for the RPG community, much in the opposite fashion of Haste but there’s enough information here to sink a ship! The Roleplayers Chronicle pulls in from over 450 websites and blogs and dumps it all into one place for your perusal. Does your life demand boatloads more tabletop RPG info? Of course it does! Now go have a look and report back to us with the juciest stuff you can find.

Legends & Lore Polls / D&DNext Updates

Two recent Legends & Lore polls on the WotC site have asked us “How long until you’re ready to leave your character behind and start over?” and about how long should it take to reach level 10? Micah and I discuss these things and more, it almost seems as if some of the poll answers are false choices. There’s also been a ton of new coverage for D&DNext with PAX East just having wrapped up, check out the video from the seminar if you’re interested.

Shadowrun Returns & Wasteland 2 Kickstarters

Two very legendary games are getting another chance at achieving awesomeness via kickstarter. Yes these are video games but at least Shadowrun has its roots in tabletop RPG’s and I’m pretty sure that Wasteland, which inspired Fallout is a game most anyone can at least give a nod of respect. These games are far beyond their goals and will be made by some great teams and great communities, so jump on board if they sound good. After all 15$ for an RPG crafted by those who appreciate the golden age of gaming is a steal.

Tip Corner

Be lazy if that’s what it takes for your game to be fun. Both Jerry and I have been slacking off on using Obsidian Portal for our games…but they’re still fun, so we’re obviously doing it right. Don’t burn yourselves out!

Twitter Question

@onlinedm1 asks: “Do you have any memorable stories of players using vehicles or mounts in-game in a creative fashion?”

Listen to find out!

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