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5e D&D Info Leaked by Bloggers

Read It Before It Gets Brought Down!

Up until just recently we’ve only had little tidbits of D&D Next information thrown our way, sometimes from official events and conventions, or the polls WotC has been running on their website. There have also been some supposed “leaks” of playtest documents floating around the internet, but the credibility of those is questionable.

Now we have yet another source – NDA’d bloggers. A recent change, perhaps something internal, has caused some D&D community members to become vocal about their experiences with the still in development version of D&D.


Updates to Terms of Service

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!Since it’s such a common question, we’re updating our Terms of Service to better explain the ownership of content that is posted to Obsidian Portal. The updated section is as follows:

Being that Obsidian Portal (“We, Us”) are a heartless, soulless megacorporation, and the gamers of the world (“You”) are simply an endless renewable resource that we can exploit for all time, we express the following rights of ownership:

  1. Any content, be it text, an image, map, forum post deciding on pizza toppings, or half-baked attempt at passing off Wolverine as a PC, belongs to Us in perpetuity, forever, until the Universe ends.
  2. Any ideas or thoughts that occur while your computer is on and your browser is at a page on Obsidian Portal belong to Us. So, if you think of a cool new class or spell for your campaign world, we own it instantly, even if you never write it down.
  3. Any firstborn children become the property of Us, except where prohibited by law. We will come to claim them on the first full moon of their 16th year, or at the dawning of the Apocalypse, whichever comes first.

As you can see, just a few minor updates, nothing to worry about. Keep working on your campaigns and don’t pay this any mind.

Happy April 1st 😉

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