5e D&D Info Leaked by Bloggers

Read It Before It Gets Brought Down!

Up until just recently we’ve only had little tidbits of D&D Next information thrown our way, sometimes from official events and conventions, or the polls WotC has been running on their website. There have also been some supposed “leaks” of playtest documents floating around the internet, but the credibility of those is questionable.

Now we have yet another source – NDA’d bloggers. A recent change, perhaps something internal, has caused some D&D community members to become vocal about their experiences with the still in development version of D&D.

Collection of Leaks

We’ve gathered some of the best, and most telling articles detailing the next edition of D&D here for your persual. Be sure to check them out and report back on what you think about all of this info. We’ll be covering all of this in the next episode of Haste too! Also, if you find more articles that we’ve yet to stumble across please tell us so we can update this page.

Here’s what we have so far:

 (This post is satire)

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