Update Post – April 20, 2023

Hail, Portal People!

The season clock has chimed again, so it’s time for another reckoning. See below for all of the new features and bug fixes that were added to OP since the previous Update Post.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to post them in the Community Forums, or email support directly at [email protected].

List of Site Updates
  • If a Campaign no longer exists because it was deleted, then the visitor correctly gets the 404 page. But the “Take Me Home” button was taking the visitor back to that same 404 campaign. Now it takes the visitor to their preferred landing page.
  • Fixed bug where a Wiki url that was supposed to 404 (because it didn’t exist), would instead just return the main-wiki-page.
  • Fixed bug where if on a non-existent Campaign, the nav bar menu items kept returning to the 404 page due to not finding the Campaign for the subdomain.
  • Fixed “All My Campaigns” and “All Campaigns” nav bar menu items to work on a 404 page from a not found Campaign.
  • In the scenario where the Campaign is not found (404), the footer “Home” link no longer links back to that same 404 Campaign.
  • If there is no search string (q) and no tags searched, then return an empty result. Previously, the system was returning the entire Campaign as results.
  • Require logged in user to view the search results page for a Campaign. This is an attempt to stop the spammer that keeps crashing the search with anonymous searches.
  • Clarifying how the Wish List section works in the label as a result of some support questions.
  • Fixed the Order “Oldest” on Adventure Logs to work correctly.
  • For the beta feature “Public Campaign Forums” added a warning for “Visible to the public” threads to alert posters that they are posting publicly in the forum topic thread, in the Edit Post, and the notification email that can be replied to to post.
  • Added hover titles so the buttons on the side of the Campaign Forum post window are identifiable.
  • Added “PDF” to “Media Embed” button title.
  • Fixed Soundcloud to be SoundCloud.
  • Decreased padding on the insert buttons so that the new “Media/PDF Embed” title shows fully. Also makes the “Random Generator” title show fully.
  • Added the HTML tags “details” and “summary” to the whitelist.
  • Added a new team member to the About Us page.
  • Bumped the “more maps” beta feature up to 30 maps.
  • Fixed Media Library subfolder breadcrumb hover color to be always gray instead of always gold.
  • Fixed “Tags” section to use “focus” coloring that matches the other fields on the forms.
  • On the New Wiki Page / Character / Item form in the Quick Select lists, the fields become invisible when focused because the focused field background is set to the same color as the form background. It’s now set to white.
  • Fixed OP Messaging to use the chosen Member Profile Date Format and Time Format.
  • Fixed Version Comparison to show the spacing in the original and current versions. Previously all spacing was being removed, which made it difficult to read.
  • Increased line-height on Version Comparison results so the lines don’t overlap and make the comparisons hard to read.
  • Enabled double square bracket linking to work with Wiki Pages and Adventure Logs that have any characters in the Name except for :, |, ], or [
  • Fix spelling of “thumbs” from “tumbs”.
  • In Edit Campaign Map, rearranged the fields into two columns with rows inside the columns, instead of 3 rows with columns inside the rows. This is so that when the Preview loads, the checkboxes are not pushed down. Also shifted the Preview down from behind the button, which happened due to using the drop zone as a button and not wanting all the area around the button to be clickable.
  • Changed the “Drop files here” message on the Edit Map form to be a button that says “Select Updated Image”.
  • Adventure Log Post Date and Time and Calendar Event Date and Time now show the pointer hand icon instead of the text cursor icon when hovered.
  • Fixed label cursor to be normal arrow instead of pointer.
  • Fixed the issue where clicking on a time picker has the picker show and then disappear, and then you have to click again to make it show and stay.
  • On Adventure Log Index, the message with the number of comments on the Adventure Logs was being pushed out of view.
  • Fixed capitalization and spacing of “Table of Contents:”.
  • After creating a new Adventure Log, the member will now be taken to the Show view of that Adventure Log, instead of the Adventure Log Index page. This matches the behavior of the other sections like the Wiki Pages, Characters, and Items.
  • On the Fan Count popup, added some space between the “Become a Fan” button and the Fans. And set all the Fans to be uniform square versions of their avatar images.
  • In Manage Forums, the Subforums had bullet points and the font was decreasing size the more nested the Subforums were. Also added some padding to space them out a little.
  • Fixed Edit of Campaign Forum Subforum to have “Parent Forum” instead of “Parent Form”.
  • Edit Folder page was not highlighting the sidebar navigation of Media Library for normal navigation or for Custom Navigation.
  • Fixed the Reset Password message being partially cut off sometimes.
  • When hovering over a Recent Update in the a Campaign’s Stream, the GM (or co-GM) will get a red trash can icon. Clicking on the icon will ask the GM if they want to remove that Recent Update from the Stream. This might be used for removing something that was intended to be GM Only.
  • Title of the popup for Remove Player in Campaign Settings Players was showing in Yellow instead of the Gray used on other popups.
  • Added “Custom JavaScript – Campaign Members Only” in Campaign Settings Advanced to enable JavaScript that’s only run for logged in members of the Campaign.
  • Added GM Only checkbox to Map Markers.

Game on!

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