Update Post – March 30, 2020

Greetings and Salutations Portal People!

So it has been a little bit longer than originally anticipated since my last update post (two months as opposed to the ‘closer to monthly’ setup I said I was shooting for), but I’m back, and I come bearing updates. I’ve broken things down into digestible sections as before, so this should hopefully be pretty easy to follow. I have added “[Feature]” labels at the beginning of items that are new(er) features, and “[Beta]” in cases where something has come into being a beta state.

Back End and Technical
  • Optimized some back end tasks to lower the load on the database
  • Added additional meta tags to correct the display of links to Obsidian Portal campaigns when displayed on Facebook.
  • Disabled (at least for the time being) the “Google Tag Manager”, as it was trying to throw a popup about allowing popups on Obsidian Portal.
Notification and Emails
  • Fixed an issue with email configurations where some emailed links would show with the warning message: “Your connection is not private. Attackers might be trying to steal your information from url360.obsidianportal.com…”
  • Removed (at least for the time being) the “Reply above this line” portion of the campaign forum notification email. This functionality has been (and still is) broken, making its presence in the email counter productive.
  • Re-added the display of the campaign title and its associated label to the campaign forum notification email.
  • Updated notification emails for page changes to no longer contain the text of the page, but instead just a link to the updated page.
  • Updated the notification email for private messages to use HTML formatting to correct the display of links contained inside.
  • Added a clarification tooltip for the “Email All” option of the email notification checkboxes.
Campaign Forums
  • [Beta] Added an option in the Advanced area of a campaign’s Settings tab to enable the toggling of campaign forum topics to public visibility. Users that are interested in testing this beta feature should see the associated community forum post.
  • [Feature] Moved the campaign forum dice rolling functionality from “beta” to a phase 1 “release” state. This is available for all Ascendant accounts.
  • Recolored the associated forum dice rolling information button to match the other editor buttons and removed it from all editors besides campaign forums.
  • Fixed an issue where bulleted lists inside of campaign forum posts could result in the “Bottom” link not going to the bottom of the topic’s list of posts.
  • Fixed an issue where the edit icon for campaign forum posts would sometimes incorrectly appear for users who were not the GM or the post author.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Bottom” link for campaign forum topics was not correctly scrolling to the bottom of the thread for mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue where campaign forum posts with bulleted lists were displaying differently in the preview than in the final (saved) form.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Email All” checkbox on campaign forum posts was sometimes incorrectly dulled.
Campaign Calendar
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect caching would sometimes cause campaign calendar events to be displayed in the dashboard layout instead of the standard view on the Calendar tab.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes player users would see another player’s RSVP status instead of their own when viewing a campaign calendar event.
  • Added the time zone (abbreviation) to the date and time display for campaign calendar events.
Characters and DSTs
  • [Feature] Added the ability to privatize the stats for characters. This hides the Description and Bio fields, as well as any selected/filled DST. GMs/Co-GMs may do this for NPCs, and players may do this for their personal characters. This is an Ascendant level feature.
  • Restored the Star Wars: Universal Automated DST (for Star Wars: Force and Destiny) to its previous “fully armed and operational” condition.
  • Fixed an issue where adding additional Player Secrets could result in the loss of the editing interface buttons.
  • Fixed an issue where the background coloration for Player Secrets was missing in cases where new Player Secrets were added.
  • Updated the background coloration for Player Secrets to be more opaque (as opposed to more transparent) for improved visibility of elements.
  • Updated the messaging of the Description section on the character create/edit page to indicate that the Description field is not displayed on the saved character page when a DST is selected to be used.
  • Added a phase 1 methodology for displaying character pages in such a way as to be easier for printing. Details are on the community forums.
Campaign Site Elements
  • [Feature] Added an option in the Advanced area of the campaign’s Settings tab to enable the display of a character avatar thumbnail when hovering over character slug links. This has been added as a Basic level feature.
  • Fixed an issue with the insertable accordion that would sometimes result in a loss of the standard spacing beneath them.
  • Fixed an issue with the insertable accordion that would sometimes incorrectly display an additional (and inoperable) open/close arrow at the end.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple Media Library assets being placed/linked on the same time would result in only the first asset being displayed on the saved page.
  • Fixed an issue with the insertable image carousel where some of the HTML was being parsed as text, resulting in excessive space between the bottom of the image(s) and the top of the navigational dots.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the root folder for the Media Library to not display the current name of the campaign in instances where the name of the campaign had been changed.
Avatars (Character and User)
  • Avatars for user accounts no longer count against any campaign storage capacity.
  • Changed the “Click here to upload” text for uploading avatars to a character or user account to be a “Select File” button.
  • Added a note regarding the maximum file size for avatar image uploads below the “Select File” button.
  • Updated the formatting for the avatar image upload thumbnail to be clearer and more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Updated the avatar upload process to provide a clear error message when attempting to upload a file that is too large.
  • Added an About Us page to the main site with a brief overview and a listing of Obsidian Portal’s current staff. Volunteer users are also recognized for their invaluable contributions.
  • Updated the main site footer with additional links (such as to the new About Us page).
  • Reverted Obsidian Portal’s Terms of Service from the KSG version to the older “aisleten” version.
  • Updated the Achievements page to display the newest version of all achievement badge images. Badges with older images have been (temporarily) hidden for visual consistency.
  • Updated the DST creation tutorial article from the Help area to correct an error in the section on namespacing.

– – –

That’s pretty much it for this time around. As always, we appreciate you taking the time to read all of this over, and for your support of Obsidian Portal. I’ll have another update post in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, if you have questions, comments or concerns, you can reach out to us at [email protected] or by visiting the Community Forums. So long for now, and take care!

– Kallak

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