Weekly Update – February 28, 2019

Hey there gang! I’ve got a fair amount of stuff to cover in this week’s update, so I’ll try to be concise yet thorough. We had fixes, tweaks, and a bit of getting back on track to things that had to be put on hold due to the onset of the infrastructure issues.

Here goes:

Infrastructure Rollout Bugs

Naturally the big event of the week was the rollout of the new/updated infrastructure for the software side of the back end. Put simply, doing this was a no-choice scenario. That said, for the most part things went fairly well, with a few bugs, the majority of which were reasonably minor. The good news is, all of these issues have been repaired and things on the site are running smoother than they have in quite some time. As always, if you find a bug or issue, open a ticket at [email protected] and we’ll get it squared away as quickly as we can (while I’m on the subject, let me tip my hat to dev side, who did a pretty awesome job on doing the rollout and fixing the resulting bug list with the utmost efficiency).

Authentication Updates

Technically, this was completed as part of the infrastructure rollout, but I feel like it didn’t quite get the attention it was due because of the bug list (particularly the Co-GM permissions swap bug – thank God that was resolved quickly!). Google+ has been replaced by Google as a social sign-in option, and the Facebook login has been updated to be in line with the newest protocols. We didn’t get the slightly more streamlined login box that some were requesting, but don’t give up hope on that – there’s some potential brewing on that front.


Despite all of the big ticket items going on this week, a few smaller changes and tweaks were able to be implemented as well. Here’s a brief rundown on these:

  • Support was added for additional character types, like emojis and German language characters.
  • The user admin portion of the dashboard was updated, making certain actions faster/easier.
  • Updates to the database configuration were implemented to more evenly handle periods of heavy load.
Returning to Business as Usual

With the infrastructure overhaul starting to take shape in the rear view, focus can start being returned to things that were previously being worked on that had to be placed on hold to deal with the growing problems. Things like PayPal integration and our development roadmap for new features. More info on this will be coming as we continue to move forward, so keep an eye on the update posts.

– – –

That’ll about do it for now, until next time.

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